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At our first face-to-face meeting, Jim will bring a frameable version signed by the artist.

And, of course, some artisan handmade chocolates. Isn’t that sweet?

Jim trademarked Shift Happens! because he saw the landscape changing and the difficulty of dealing with change. He customizes each ‘conversation’ offering ‘plain talk for smart people.’ Did we mention he brings artisan chocolate? 

Jim’s keynote presentations and topics are shown below.   Click on the READ MORE+ to learn more.

Jim’s creative, innovative techniques let your organization compete and dominate in radically changing environments using your existing resources. He is not a futurist but a NOWIST. 

Jim delivers insight, wisdom, and big-picture thinking at the intersection of  CHANGE, INNOVATION, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP needed NOW. 


Jim is a Transformational Leadership Growth Advisor.

Shift Happens

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As a keynote speaker, Jim often reminds potential clients that a single speech can not survive the daily challenges of ‘shifting’ how to think. 

Imagine a significant R.O.I* on your investment! Here is the combination of both a customized keynote/webinar and continual education. http://jfa.tips/MastersProgram

Imagine being able to offer your entire team 25 self-study courses that could help your organization improve the bottom line?

  • Profit from uncertainty? 
  • A lifetime of access with no additional fees?
  • A customized keynote or webinar from “The Bright Idea Guy™
  • Offering over 12 hours of group coaching to assist your team members to overcome procrastination, focus on the laws of lifetime growth, and understand the tools to overcome self-doubt, motivate, and influence them to become better persuaders.

Change Management, Innovative Problem Solving, Customer Service, Hospitality/Tourism, Persuasive Presentations, and 3D Thinking are some of Jim’s main topics. He customizes each ‘conversation’ to your company, organization and/or audience. He has discussions with your audience. He engages them. He challenges them. He encourages a ‘shift’ from ‘what to think’ to ‘how to think’. And if you think you know what Jim does or who he has been honored to work with then you don’t know shift.

To learn more www.jfainc.com, www.sosthinktank.com 

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