Speaking Topics: Customer Service


It’s all about bringing your Customers back…not sending them away.

How do you create great Customer service that develops ‘Customer Insistence?’ Jim will challenge your businesses associates to unleash personal and organizational creativity. His uniqueness and innovation thought process reveals the essential innovative skills needed to achieve unconventional, policies, inventive results, delight customers, and develop new resources for growth, profits, competitive advantage and great Customer Service. It’s called a Customer Return Policy for a reason. What are you doing to bring your Customers back?He calls it D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®

  • Dazzle Customers with Service That Keeps Them Loyal
  • Anticipate The needs of your Customers
  • Treat Each Opportunity Uniquely
  • Innovate To Solve Problems Better
  • Nurture Your Employees and They’ll Take Care of Your Customers
  • Guarantee That You Have Customers To Service

The Wall Street Journal survey indicated that it costs 91% more to attract new Customers that to retain existing ones. And no organization is immune to this decline in Customer loyalty because in absence of great service everything resorts to the lowest price. Jim will offer his 3 Steps in solving a complaint.

  1. Focus on Discovery
  2. Reaffirm your Discovery
  3. Create a Joint Resolution

Stew Leonard’s legendary grocery store on the east coast does more sales volume per square foot than any other grocer in the world. He follows a principle so important that he etched it into a three-ton granite rock. Rule #1 The customer is always right. Rule #2 If the customer is ever wrong, reread Rule #1. Managed by the Leonard family, the company maintains a distinctive corporate culture in which an emphasis on teamwork, slavish devotion to customer satisfaction, and nimbleness in the face of changing business needs coexist with a focus on showmanship that the company calls “The Wow!” Currently they offer one-tenth of the items in an average grocery store they still generate over $350million in annual sales from one location.

While Jim doesn’t totally agree that Customer are ‘never’ wrong he would agree that there is little point in arguing, instead find out what they really want and try to give it to them.

Jim helped create Customer Experiences for every size organizations from Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. His clients include BASF, Toyota, Apple, Neutrogena, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Helene Curtis, Mary Kay, Creative Memories, The Pampered Chef, Lexus, Xerox, Aria Resort and Casino, Wynn Las Vegas, U.S.Department of Defense, Verizon, Foxwoods Resort and Casino, Vidal Sassoon, and more.


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