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Audio / Video Requirements

Introducing Jim

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So you’ve booked Jim Feldman as your next keynote speaker…

or maybe you’re just getting prepared.

Either way, this page has what you need to promote your session, like:

photos, AV requirements, brochures, etc.


Don’t need the entire meeting planner kit? Download individual pieces below.

This is a ZIP file of high resolution jpeg pictures of Jim for promotional purposes.

We like to be prepared, so here’s a brief list of audio and visual requirements Jim needs for a standard presentation.

A more comprehensive list will be provided once we have a confirmed booking with your organization.

A brief intro that can be used the day of the speech to introduce Jim before the presentation or keynote speech.

This file can serve to gather information about your speaking engagement so Jim can properly prepare.

We normally fill it out and send it to you once we’ve spoken. This can also serve as our contract.

This is an 8-page PDF brochure that tells you about Jim’s motivation and business speeches and presentations,

client reviews, quotes and other valuable information you can share easily by simply printing it out.


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