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James challenges conventional wisdom and presents


common sense.

His inspiring advice demonstrates how it is possible to reinvent yourself and hurdle barriers, leaving you more creative, innovative, and productive in both your work and personal life as well.

Jim has conversations with the audience about how to observe and isolate cause and effect relationships. He helps create ‘shifts’ in their thinking.

Success is not about incremental improvements. Success is about bold, fundamental changes.

Jim knows that today’s audiences need experiences that harmonize impressions with positive results. He provides dazzling visuals and movie scenes to support the ‘shifts’ in thinking that deliver audience engagement and entertainment.

Jim recognizes that a dramatic shift in the basic relationship between consumers and companies is inexorably transforming industry after industry. As a result, engagement has become as basic a business requirement and it needs to be part of your desire to create a D-A-T-I-N-G relationship with your customers.

Jim D-A-T-E-S your audience by

  • Dazzling Them
  • Anticipating Their Wants
  • Treating them as intelligent experts in their field
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Shifting Their Thinking

Whether you need a keynote, half or full-day workshop we all need to re-learn how to build customer rapport, handle problems and complaints, communicate, deal with difficult customers, and become a customer advocate and innovate new products and processes. We need to climb the mountain to BRIGHT IDEAS that ‘shift’ the way we do business.

Most people find change-shifts- particularly rapid and unpredictable change, frightening and upsetting. Nevertheless, turbulence and change are not going away; instead, they will become more pronounced.

Jim engages the audience with a plain talk for smart people.

Jim has worked with hundreds of companies from the private sector including Fortune 500’s, healthcare, hospitality, associations, real estate, government and shares a look into what other organizations are doing to increase customer satisfaction.

One phone conversation will expose you to a unique way to engage Jim as your keynote speaker using the Idea Exchange that delivers monetized suggestions that increase income, reduce costs, and contribute to the ROI of the event.  You have stayed on this site because something maintained your interest? Give Jim a call and we promise your ROI (Return on Ideas) will be worth a few minutes of your time. Conversations with Jim are never sales pitches or high pressure. He simply wants to assist you, ensuring that  Shift Happens


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