Speaking Topics: Incentives/Recognition


In the past decade, the shift happened. Now there are programs designed to reward employees for performance improvement, achieving business objectives, and safety-related behaviors and activities. With over 1,000 incentive programs created by Jim’s companies, he is a one-of-a-kind expert.

He has been recognized as an international thought leader in all forms of reward programs. If your organization is not using incentive rewards for your employees you are missing a self-funding program that can have a positive impact on performance.

In the past most incentive programs rewarded results. They were tracked by sales. Inside staff, production employees, distribution staff were seldom included. Historically, most safety programs focused on safety violations, making safety suggestions, steps to change unsafe situations rather than results. Safety has become a bigger issue that it was in the past. Records are kept, smartphones record incidents, and the internet has made it easy to report any issues.

Properly designed non-cash reward and recognition programs address many of the major business issues to achieve new success. These programs are different than compensation because they are tied to performance improvement, safety, attendance, or other business objectives.

The potential benefits outweigh the costs. In fact, if they are designed correctly the incremental gains from those that don’t qualify for the top tier awards may fund the entire program.

After many years of working with all most, every size organization Jim has a proven history that realizes that many organizations confuse rewards and compensation. The purpose is not to create a platform or price/value that the participate views as income, but unanticipated rewards that offer something that they normally would have to pay for on their own.

Incremental performance improvement is the overall goal of almost every program. It’s not about the few that win the top prize but the involvement of those that don’t win but still feel appreciated, recognized, and encouraged to participate in the following year’s program.

And never believe that…

One Size Fits All

His clients include Toyota, Mary Kay, Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Foxwoods, Pechanga, Nissan, Walt Disney, Helene Curtis, Vidal Sassoon, Caesars, and many many more. www.onlythebestgifts.com


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