Innovative Problem Solving

Knowbrainer Innovation & Creativity Kit

The importance of innovative problem solving in leadership and the acquisition of problem solving skills is now the most valuable asset of any company. Although creative problem solving is often perceived as a rare talent, it is a cognitive skill and innate ability that can be nurtured, developed, and stimulated through education and training. Jim provides the training and tools to inject innovative thinking into any size organization.

Using a wealth of illustrative case studies from a wide range of companies to create a roadmap for anyone seeking to become an innovator. Jim’s hands-on interactive presentation and KnowBrainer Innovation & Creative Thinking Tool involves everyone in an “idea exchange” which produces real-time results. More ideas, in less time, focused on customized solutions developed for, and from, audience. AHA!

Shift Happens all around us and we can’t use the same methods when we seek to create and restructure solutions. You must shift the way you think.

Jim will show your audience how to:

Seal of a certified innovation trainer from Solution People

  • Become an innovative problem solver
  • Use the KnowBrainer Innovation & Creative Thinking Tool to help you think better, faster and smarter
  • Think about problems from ‘INSIDE’ not from outside the box
  • Ask the right questions, in order to create the right solutions
  • Explore new opportunities and possibilities


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