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Dating Your Customer One Sheet

Dating Your Customer

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Thriving On Change

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Bright Ideas

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3D Thinking

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Thinking Actions Outcomes

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D•A•T•I•N•G Your Customer® A Relationship Manual


This is Jim’s 2nd book that focuses on a serious issue in the US…the decline of acceptable Customer Service. For most of us we are frustrated by the ease with which we can place an order for a product or service and the amount of hurdles we have to overcome to obtain service or a refund. Most companies either exceed Customer expectations like Zappos, Apple, or Nordstrom or fall so short of delivering what is promised that the list is too long to mention. This is an easy to understand manual that under promises and over delivers. Written in a conversational tone, everyone from the most experienced service provider to a newbie trying to compete by offering better service and a liberal Customer Return Policy that understands the premise...

it’s called Customer return for a reason.

Shift Happens!® No Job, No Money, Now What?

Jim’s book, Shift Happens!® No Job, No Money, Now What? is valuable whether you are unemployed, were laid off, still have a job, are a former Executive or a former factory worker — you will find useful tools to help you manage with change in your own personal and professional life. Shifts happen all the time: weight loss or gain, getting fired or hired, changing careers, a death or birth in the family, etc. They may be positive or negative, but YOU choose how you deal with them.

When Shift Happens you can manage it or let it manage you. Succeeding after shifts in his own life, Feldman illustrates how to reclaim control and start using change to your advantage immediately.

He uses personal or real life stories to illustrate the path he and others have taken to transform change into success. He also gives simple, yet powerful information on the process. Want to break free of the past, boost your energy and impact the future?

Learn how to apply 3DThinking to discover innovative solutions. Jim’s ideas are simple with life-changing results. Purchase this book today and make Shift Happen!

© 2011 – By James D. Feldman
Foreword by Joseph Sugarman, Blublocker Corporation
Published by Transformation Media Books

Doctor Travel’s Cure for the Common Trip

Written as a guide for those that need know before they go on their next trip, this book is an easy roadmap to explore.

Written as a guide for those that need know before they go on their next trip, this book is an easy roadmap to explore.

Doctor Travel’s Cure for the Common Trip is an indispensable travel guide about how to deal with:

  • Airline delays
  • Frequent Flyer programs
  • Small hotel rooms
  • Long waiting lines
  • Flight cancellations
  • Air or sea sickness
  • Lost Luggage
  • Crummy service
  • Jet lag
  • Cranky kids
  • Mushy meals
  • and keeps smiling

Thriving On Change

Thriving-On-Change-Book-Feldman__54836.1300132719.1280.1280It’s not enough to deal with change. Today, you need to seize the opportunities offered by change in order to thrive. This book helps you to integrate the organizational and individual issues necessary for successful change to occur. Each chapter ends with an “action summary” to help you get started

Eighteen world-class experts give you more than 120 ideas for thriving on change. Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • Models of successful change
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Individual responses to change
  • Values-based change
  • Entrepreneurial change
  • Responding to marketplace change
  • Dealing with causes, not effects
  • Using meetings to promote change
  • Teams for change
  • Customer-service change
  • Managing people through change
  • TQM and creativity
  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • Peak-to-peak change
  • “Selling” change internationally
  • Taking charge of change
  • And how to get it done

Celebrating Customer Service


If everyone acknowledges the importance of customer service, why is service so bad in practice? This book starts with proof that providing GREAT service to your customers is worth a lot to you, while providing merely good service in worth little. Whether you’re in daily contact with outside customers, or exclusively serve internal customers (those within your own organization), this book shows you how to thrill your customers with service.

Celebrate customer service – take your customer relationships to the next level:

  • Why great service = more business
  • Internal customer service
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Turn complaints into compliments
  • Online service
  • Cross-cultural service
  • How to implement great service


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