Clients Jim has been keynote or breakout speakerJim is always speaking about great customer service, innovative problem solving and change management, but does he practice what he preaches with his speaking and consulting clients?

We could answer that question, but we think you’d rather hear it straight from Jim’s clients and audience members. See his customer testimonials below, as well as his video testimonials and client list.

Client Testimonials

Jim is consistently rated one of the best speakers at conferences and events. He customizes every speech to fit the audience, he connects with the audience and engages them with humor and real-world stories. Here are a few client testimonials…

I had great expectations for our forum Jim. This was in part due to the great professional education components we managed to combine into the program. You certainly did your part with your 90 minutes that truly made everyone reflect on their business direction. As you promised, it made them a little uncomfortable, too, as hearing something you need to hear often does. But they all loved the presentation and the way you made them consider and reconsider how they were doing business. If a presentation holds everyone’s attention for 90 minutes, it makes them laugh, it makes them think and they compllment the organizers afterward, you can consider that a success! Jim, thanks again for helping us to have such a successful forum.

Terry Epton, CITE, DMCP, President
 Hosts Global Alliance

Jim, I truly enjoyed meeting you this week. As you could probably tell form our conversations, I found the content of your presentation spot on and I hope that the attendees to the event find a way to incorporate some of it into their businesses. I also greatly enjoyed our one on one conversations.

Al Damico, Chief Operating Officer
InfoComm International

It is rare to find a speaker who fits all of a meeting planner’s expected qualifications. You not only fit all the qualifications, you far surpassed any expectations a meeting planner could ask for in a professional speaker.

Gerri Hopkins, Executive Director, Chairman of the Board
                                   Incentive Federation, Inc.

A warm thank you for an outstanding motivational presentation you gave to our Sales, Convention Services, and Catering teams. You have the unique ability to inspire individuals to grow both collectively nd independently….You were selected among many talented candidates, and it was unanimous…you exceeded our expectations! The $10,000 investment has paid for itself many times over.

Karolyn Graves, Director of Sales
 Wynn – Las Vegas

Jim Feldman is a master trainer, presenter and developer. I have had the pleasure of seeing him present ‘D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer!’ on two occasions (including the Kodak Professional Sales Meeting)…Both experiences were fabulous! Jim was engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking and down-to-earth. He mixed positive energies, humorous stories, memorable insights and practical improvement approaches.

Karen Smith-Pilkington, President
Kodak Professional Division

This year’s event was huge success, due in large part to your time, talent and dedication in bringing an interesting and informative presentation to the attendees.

Nancy DelBianco, Director of Professional Development
Educational Institute, American Hotel & Motel Association

Your use of personal experiences, wit and humor made for an entertaining yet relevant speech that our sales force can apply to their daily activities…You were definitely the right speaker and delivered the right message.

Ron Ciolek, Group Vice President, National Lending Center
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group

Your session was right on target in addressing issues that are currently challenging those tasked with Brand Activation – and the initial evaluation results echo this sentiment!

Bonnie Carlson, President and CEO 
Brand Activation Association

I have sat through hundreds of speakers during my career. None has ever given a full day of such powerful content and superb presentation. I will be praising your talents for many years to come.

Carol Garrett, Economic Development Officer
Haldimand – Norfolk

Your breakout session was ranked #1, with 100% of the attendees giving you the highest rating of 100% satisfied and exceeding expectations. 

Paul Dolenc, Vice President, Education & Training                                     Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc

Jim was fantastic and the group really appreciated his presentation.

Ms. Laura Leon
 Executive Director, New York State Dental Foundation
           Assistant Executive Director, New York State Dental Association
President, Dental Philanthropy Network

Jim’s presentation to the International Chain Salon Association was humorous, easy to listen to and right on target with the information. He did his homework and knew the professional argot to reach right into the hearts and minds of the audience. He brought their thought processes to a higher level of awareness through anecdote and humor direct from their point of reference. His emphasis on the first contact in the chain of customer service was superb. Really told it like it is…He created a level of interest in further opportunities to learn more of what he has to offer and tap into his genius. We look forward to future encounters.

Dale Hall Mecus, National Chain Sales Manager
 Revlon Professional

Your motivational presentation at our National Executive Directors Leadership Meeting was very informative and delivered with a wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm. As I listened to the comments after the session and reviewed the evaluations, you were a tremendous success.

Frank Lynch, Vice President, Field and National Operations                                    
March Of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation

I want to give big thank you for the powerful, provocative and poised presentations…The gaming executives in attendance at these five programs were unanimous in their praise…and your evaluations were higher than any other speaker in our five-year history. I must admit, Jim, that when I first heard your speaking fee was $10,000, I wondered how any single person could be worth that kind of money. But now, I can honestly say that you are worth that and so much more. You must be since we engaged you five different times!

Dennis Conrad, President 
of Raving Consulting Company

Everyone seemed to grasp defining ideas that could be instantly applied to work, life or relationships… It was obvious to one and all that your presence here was more than a mere ‘seminar.’ The time, talents and energy you poured into our town far exceeded expectations…the impact will be life changing for the smart ones, who soaked up your tips on embracing change rather than cowering in its inevitability.

Carol Alexander, 
Taylorville Chamber of Commerce

…even our most seasoned general managers came out of your presentation with a sense of new or renewed ideas pertaining to our industry. We very much hope to have future opportunities.

Sedat Nemli, Vice President of Sales Americas
  Kempinski Hotels & Resorts

His ability to combine humor with all the factual and informative information kept the attention of a most diverse audience. He turned what could have been a dull morning into one charged with enthusiasm.

Jorge Pesquera, Executive Director
 San Juan Puerto Rico Convention Bureau

His presentation especially drew lots of positive comments. He is a one-of-a-kind motivational speaker!

Tamara S. Block, Ph.D., Chairman
 American Marketing Association Seminar

Thank you for presenting “Critical Leadership Practices for Managing Change” to my strategic planning team. It was right on target for USMEPCOM’s transformation challenges. Your knowledge in this area and the specific examples you tied to our Strategy Map made the five Leadership Rules of Engagement directly relevant to us.

Col Dave Slotwinski (Col. Retired)
Former Commander, USMEPCOM

You outdid yourself in Boston! That was, without question, Feldman at his best. Your talk was extremely well thought out, well put together and, as usual, impeccably delivered. It had a message for all and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mary Hanson, CPIM
RepLink/The DataDirect Group.

The words you used were clear, but even more than that, they moved the audience. We were shifting, even though we didn’t know it, and now that we’ve absorbed your brilliant delivery, we’ve changed…Please accept my thanks for the value and wisdom you have waved over us, and consider adding a new designation that I believe you deserve, and what I felt in my mind and among the audience – EEP: Exhilaration, Enlightenment, Priceless!

Mary Davie
All About Events, Inc.

Your insight in building morale and maintaining a positive team environment has helped us greatly. . . Your time, effort and energy were much appreciated. It was our pleasure to work with you.

Carl N. Eberling, Executive Director, ERP Systems
 Verizon Wireless

The seminar was one of the best I’ve been to, very informative along with entertaining. We couldn’t have picked a better group to be with.

Annette Ehnot, Communications Coordinator
 Jim Coleman Company/Hanna

You did a fabulous job…Your message and unique delivery style made the presentations most interesting.

Greg Leeper, Regional Director of Sales
Turtle Bay Resort – French Lick Resort Casino

Your information was different from what we’ve heard from other presenters, and you ‘practiced what you preached’ by showing and sharing examples of the marketing pieces you’ve used and created for others. It was perfect. I’ve also received a note from our FastTrack coordinator who said your ‘surprise’ visit with their group made this past meeting their best one of the year! Your one-on-one work with each FastTrack member was insightful, and your suggestions for collateral pieces were appropriate given the budget and ‘style’ of each.

Liz Weber, Education Chair

I’ve just returned from the SITE International Conference . . . What we as breakout attendees experienced was nothing short of SPECTACULAR – including all aspects of presentation style, state-of-the-art PowerPoint graphics, incentive industry-specific content, and motivational appeal. Plus – he made it fun! I honestly can’t remember ever attending a breakout session where the speaker was given a standing ovation. But Jim received a spontaneous one, and it was very much deserved!

Phil Duyff, President
 Duyff International LLC

Your program provided great value and put our minds in motion to be more creative than we think we can be. . . .Your PowerPoint slides reinforced your message making it easier to remember your points. This is one meeting that will long be remembered!

Martha Lanier
 Ignite Your Potential Inc.

Wow! Phenomenal presentation. Beautiful graphics. Substantive content. Will turn an audience on not only because the concepts are intellectually practical, but also because you have ensured crystal clarity in your presentation. Congratulations.

Nido R. Qubein, Chairman
 Great Harvest Bread Company

After 20+ years of marketing and servicing clients, I appreciate hearing a “friendly reminder” as to the fact that clients come first and foremost. Your presentation was upbeat, light hearted and informative.

Joel T. Cooper, Partner
 Freeborn & Peters LLP

It was great having you at the conference, and I think the participant’s evaluations indicate that, as well.

Sandy Alinder
Alltru Health System

Great message delivered in an entertaining way.
I loved his first session and decided to stay for the second
session. Just as good!
I could have listened to him all day!
Best speaker I have ever heard
I must say again, your program changed my life, as my way of seeing some things is different now. Thank you very much for that!

More Alltru Systems Comments
From Various Attendees

I must say again, your program changed my life, as my way of seeing some things is different now. Thank you very much for that!

Julia Trejo, Sales Manager
Tropical Incentives DMC

Thanks again! You were sensational in the brief time you had to present.

Tim Seeden, Executive Director
National Speakers Association–Illinois

Jim has been a presenter at our conference the last four years and consistently received some of the highest evaluations given by our audience. His presentation is energetic, informative, and entertaining and would certainly fit well into any program focused on team building, customer service, and selling skills.

Peter Erickson, President
Hall Erickson, Inc. (Exposition Management)

Your speech was outstanding and we received rave reviews on both your topics and presentation. It would be safe to say you were an overwhelming success. Overall, 100% of attendees indicated that the Human Resources Forum exceeded or met their expectations. Please let us know if you would be interested in participating (next year).

Donna Oldenburg, Publisher
Incentive Magazine

The content and style of Jim’s presentation was superior … It was alive, articulate, energetic…We welcome the opportunity for Jim to present his materials again and again. Very few speakers present themselves as well as Jim does.

Chris Sutherland, Executive Director
Promotion Marketing Association of America

Our evaluation forms call for a rating from one to five, with five being the excellent rating. Your evaluations were fives across the board. Your programs were unequivocally the best presentations during the conference…

Sandra Salling, Director of Operations
International Tours, Inc.

I was particularly impressed with your abilities to completely link USMEPCOM into your presentation with little input from me…your resourcefulness is impressive…I’m convinced that this was the best National Operations Officer Workshop that USMEPCOM has had, and much credit for it goes to you.

CPT Carrianne Hornok, Department of Defense
Commander, US Military Entrance Processing Command

I have to tell you that the group you addressed are a high energy, highly talented and highly trained sales force. Needless to say they are not easy to please, especially when egos come into play. Further, grabbing and then holding their attention can be an even more challenging task. However, not only were you able to get their attention and keep it, but you were also able to inspire them beyond…their limits. The energy and enthusiasm that you were able to generate lasts a long time. I also was extremely inspired by how your own actions mirror your message. The final touches you put on your work make you stand out amongst your peers.

Beverly J. Wender, Senior Vice President
InterFirst Wholesale Mortgage Lending

Your grasp of the cremation and memorialization industry was evident. I received many comments on how you had obviously done your homework and understood the challenges facing those who provide cremation services and products.

Jack Springer, Executive Director
Cremation Association of North America

…in my 13 years as a Chair…I would evaluate the meeting and presentation as being very successful and positive, and those present unanimously agree that you are outstandingly well qualified and knowledgeable in this field and subject.

Ken Jacobs, Chairperson

You did exactly what we hoped you would do for this community – get people talking and thinking about Customer Service. The feedback we’re getting is fantastic! The audience loved you, the media loved you, and we hope you had a great time.

Jeff Smith, Board Chairman
Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

I was especially impressed with your ability to adapt the content of your presentation to fit our needs with such a short notice. With having less than 3 weeks to find a motivational speaker, I was sure not to succeed. However, just from the tone of our first conversation, I was confident that you would meet my expectations! Reflecting back on the day you spoke to our group, you by far exceeded any expectation any of us had.

Holly Dashner, Business Development Analyst
Harbinger Corporation

Commitment and attitude were just two of my personal takeaways – not only did you bring these alive in your presentation but more importantly they are obviously an integral part of you… I was and still am impressed with your flexibility and desire to “make it work” – I recall sitting somewhat speechless and amazed after our initial conversation…Your presentation received the highest overall score in all categories (new insights/information; relevance to work; quality of presentation; met expectations.)

Maureen Bernabo, Program Officer, Centre for Management Effectiveness
The Conference Board of Canada

Our staff is still talking about the whole experience. We think we achieved a new high standard with our Annual State of the Industry Meeting by having a speaker of your caliber. Because “Customer Service” has such a universal relevance to all businesses, for the first time we had non-hospitality people wanting to come to our meeting. You will be a tough act to follow next year!

Wendy Perks Fisher, President/CEO
Rockford Area Convention & Visitor Bureau

The participants of the program recorded the highest approval rating I have ever seen, with 95% of the audience giving you a rating of 9 out of 10. The audience was impressed with the presentation, and your ability to sustain their interest and keep them motivated and awake for over 7 hours.

Laurian Soper, Sales Manager
ACT Tours & Training – Frederick Travel, Inc.

I took a risk when I had Dave Riddell ask someone who I had never met, or heard of, to speak at a break-out session. I can say now that the risk was well worth it – I was told by several people that your session was a home run!

Doug Bosse
Shaffer, Sherman, Sperry & Swaddling, Inc.

We would also like to thank you for taking the time to provide our staff with an excellent customer service program.

Anthony S. Armas, Director of Sales & Marketing
Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino

I want to compliment you on your presentation and the overall session that you chaired at the UPDATE. It was excellent.

Joseph E. Potocki, Chairman/CEO
Joseph Potocki & Associates, Inc.

It seems that none of us can get enough of a good customer service presentation. We all realize it is the heart and soul of a successful business and, unfortunately, not always in the forefront (of) our daily activities. Thank you for the examples and, more importantly, solutions to work with.

Vicki Greenlees, President
Heartland Incentive Representatives, Inc.

In the five years I’ve been teaching I’ve had over fifty speakers address my Intra/Entrepreneurship class. They have all been good. Some, like you, have been outstanding.

Jim Vahle, Adjunct Professor
The Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

After reviewing the meeting evaluation forms, 100% of the group felt your presentation was very valuable. You did a great job involving the members and what a great trick to kick off the meeting. . . I also wanted you to know that I have received nothing but glowing reviews on your entertaining but thought provoking presentation.

Kathi Bretcko, Association Manager
Independent Laboratory Distributors Association

Your humor and wit captivated the audience while bringing home salient business lessons for the MSPC membership and guests. Comments such as “best speaker we’ve ever had,” “a definite speaker for us to re-book,” and “enjoyed, laughed and learned,” were just some of our members’ enthusiastic comments about your presentation.

Nancy M. Abbate, Abbate Group, Ltd.
Midwest Society of Professional Consultants

I really appreciated your style of presentation–you have a gift for humor and wit…The tip you shared about always asking if there is a better rate has already paid off. I got a better conference room rate…simply because I followed your advice. Thank You!

Marilyn Sprague-Smith
Miracles & Magic, Inc.

…”bravo” on a great session–the audience loved you!!!

Mari Pat Varga
Creative Communication Programs

Although I heard glowing comments about you prior to meeting you…they were understated. You are a fantastic, and perhaps legendary, businessman.

Randy Davis

Jim Feldman has consistently been ranked as one of the best speakers we have ever used over the past decade. Audiences have requested information, in advance of his next dates, so that they can plan ahead to attend. His programs are always well attended.

Howard Henry, Executive Director
Association of Incentive Marketing

The content and style of Jim’s presentation was superior . . . It was alive, articulate, energetic . . . We welcome the opportunity for Jim to present his materials again and again. Very few speakers present themselves as well as Jim does.

Chris Sutherland, Executive Director
Promotion Marketing Association of America

I want to express my appreciation … for the enthusiastic audience reaction to your appearance at the International Platform Association convention. Your comments about the importance of customer service were terrific, and your slides were so well done. You were among the year’s top-ranked speakers.

Luvie Owens, Chief Executive Officer
International Platform Association

The issues you highlight are really just good common sense. Your speech raised our level of consciousness on these standards of business conduct through your engaging style of speaking.

Alice Kruss, Key Accounts Manager

This was the third time I have heard your Exceeding Customer Expectations program and I still found it fresh, informative, and entertaining. In particular, I was impressed with how well you customized your message for the PIC group.

Karen Renk, CAE, PIC Business Manager
Promotion Industry Council of Chicago

You masterfully personalized your talk to the audience and built in the right amount of flexibility to cover all areas of the topic…in their ‘lingo’ no less . . . You not only geared your talk to the audience to peak their interest, you took over the room!

Scott Walker
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

We would like to thank you for an excellent keynote address. The Hyatt Conference Cup’s success, in large part, was due to you.

Al Heisler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Australia

We are delighted to report that this was our most successful meeting to date, thanks in no small part to Jim’s outstanding contribution.

Kerry E. Smith, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Promo Magazine

Everyone was extremely motivated after Feldman’s presentation. Jim is welcome back again and again!

Annabel Lush, Manager
Auckland Convention and Incentive Bureau

It was a great program. Everyone is talking about it. Our meeting was a great success, thanks to you.

Anne Musson-Fedele, Chairman
Society of Incentive Travel Executives Symposium of Great Britain and Ireland

I highly enjoyed your presentations on ‘Shift Happens’ and ‘Your Attitude’ and wanted to thank you for them and thank you for being you.

Deborah Gordon
Travel Station, Bozeman, MT

I was amazed at how many practical marketing insights and ideas you packed into your talk and the Q&A afterward. As soon as I thought that this must be the end of what you had to say, you unveiled another totally new concept. That is the fun way to learn marketing. With your examples, demonstrations and puzzles, it is also the way that the audience will actually remember what they heard — beyond the time it takes to drive home.

Bill Wentz, Chairman
University of Chicago GSB Entrepreneurial Roundtable

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