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in an inherently personal way that focuses on YOUR business issues.

I collaborate with organizations to

create a vision where others aren’t looking,

capture what others are not seeing,

by providing UNCOMMONcommon sense.

Ensure that Shift Happens

Stop looking outside the box, and instead

Are you looking for a transformational leadership growth advisor who leads you to discover new opportunities using your existing resources?

I am The Bright Idea Guy:THE NOWIST™ and have a history of assisting organizations ensure that a positive Shift Happens!

Ask yourself: Do you need innovation in customer service, problem-solving, team engagement, and performance, develop something new, then a way to monetize the solution?

Should you learn news ways to stay innovative to ensure that you aren’t left behind in this fast-paced business world and react accordingly, which will allow you to plan for your future?

Are you prepared for changes such as embracing the use of big data, creating more flexible work environments and encouraging the use of idea management while still taking small steps at first?


Transformational growth leadership shifts

I’ve impacted nearly every industry because I have plain talks with smart people that want to shift how they think.     For example…

We created a hotel and resort ‘game-changer’ called individual incentive travel awards then guided , and to capitalize on the industry demand to permit winners to create their own vacations. This shifted the industry and created hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

 as an advisor for 18 years, and for 14 years. Our transformational solutions delivered millions in bottom-line profits and increased Customer Engagement and employee retention.

Delivered the keynote presentation at a national conference for the cremation industry-twice – without ever having owned or operated a funeral home.

Conducted a talk for a meeting of urologists that garnered the highest rating among all presenters – even though I’m not a physician.

Implemented player loyalty programs as well for Venetian, Chumash, Viejas, Pechanga, Sycuan and dozens of other casinos.

Created B2B & B2C programs for beauty companies including Neutrogena, Vidal Sassoon, Revlon, Helene Curtis, Clairol and others.


The Journey To Bright Ideas needs a roadmap


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