AI is confusing, overwhelming, and scary. As a former CEO, advisor, and speaker, I help organizations and corporations demystify and apply AI to create a competitive advantage.


Collaboration with James: A Visionary Approach to Innovative Disruption

James is here to guide your organization into the unseen future. We live in a world that seems to be harnessing the not so common sense. Enage James and learn how his UNCOMMON SENSE delivers tangible results. It’s not about following trends; it’s about pioneering the unknown and capturing opportunities others fail to notice. It’s all about ensuring that Shift Happens!®

A Deep Generalist: More Than An Expert

Why settle for an expert when you can have an advisor who’s a deep generalist? James provides selfless independence, marrying client devotion with objectivity. His experience with leading associations and corporations in hospitality, tourism, automotive, health & beauty, nutrition, and Fortune 1000 organizations across the globe offers a unique perspective that transcends specialization.

Leveraging Chat/GPT/AI for Unmatched ROI

Technology is an asset, not a constraint. James empowers your organization with the AI advantage, transforming your competitive landscape into a pathway to greater ROI. With 16 books under his belt and over 1,000 presentations, he’s brought his AI expertise to associations and Fortune 500 companies advocating for the delivery of Uncommon Sense, Common Sense to ensure Shift Happens.

The CSP Designation: A Mark of Excellence

What sets James apart as a speaker? The Certified Speaking Professional (C.S.P.) designation. Earned over five years through consistent excellence and positive client evaluations, the C.S.P. is held by less than 17% of professional speakers worldwide. It’s more than a title; it’s a testament to quality. James is a business practitioner that speaks.

Connect with James

If you’re ready to explore the uncharted territories of innovation and carve out a future that’s uniquely yours, it’s time to connect with James. Start a conversation today about collaboration. Together, let’s shape a vision-NOW

James is also a CITE, CPIM, CPT, CPC, MIP, PCS and several other certifications. He brings a single source solution to your event as a Certified Speaking Professional with over 1,000 presentations and 16 books.

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What will you do differently tomorrow that gets you better results than yesterday?

The fight to find new customers and employees and retain existing ones has become the biggest business challenge for many companies. Whether you are a trade or professional association trying to retain and recruit members, staffing a hotel, resort, or restaurant, or a C-Suite Executive fending off global competition you must shift ‘how you think’ not what you think.

Many will play catch-up to smaller and larger organizations when it comes to new product releases. Shift Happens and you may have fewer new customers and perhaps less loyal existing buyers? It’s time for you to focus on redesigning a low-friction customer experience, where there are minimal handoffs between people and departments.


Actionable End Results
  • Integration of New Technology
  • Strengthening Customer Relationships
  • Building and Elevating Customer Experiences
  • Innovative, Strategic, Break-Through Initiatives
  • Inside the Box Problem-solving Tools and Techniques
  • Building a more comprehensive Sales and Marketing approach.
  • Determining why you’re losing Employees, Customers, & Market Share. “It’s not about price!”
  • Productivity that adds new Operational and Performance Measures to accelerate efficiencies.
  • Creating a company-wide communications platform that strengthens Leadership, Team Building, and Continuous Improvement.

With customized presentations focused on how to think, not what to think, your audience gains actionable results, integration of new technology, strengthening customer relationships, innovative and strategic breakthrough initiatives, and inside-the-box problem-solving tools and techniques.

The ultimate benefit is revitalized, reinvigorated, and reimagined organizations that are future-ready at the intersection of customer engagement, performance management, and innovation.

We deliver Results… Not write Reports ®

With our years of transformational experience, we are advisors to a variety of organizations.


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Average profit per year after investment recovery


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Create a transformational shift

Are you ready to create a transformational shift, elevate your customers’ experience, reposition your organization, develop more innovative solutions, improve persuasive presentation skills and win more market share?

1000+ Satisfied Clients

“It is rare to find a speaker who fits all of a meeting planner’s expected qualifications. You not only fit all the qualifications, you far surpassed any expectations a meeting planner could ask for in a professional speaker.”
Gerri Hopkins

Executive Director, Chairman of the Board, Incentive Federation, Inc.

“Your motivational presentation at our National Executive Directors Leadership Meeting was very informative and delivered with a wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm. As I listened to the comments after the session and reviewed the evaluations, you were a tremendous success.”

Frank Lynch

Vice President, Field and National Operations, March Of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation

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