Tuesdays and Thursdays  help you adapt and develop

Recession Revenue Rescue tactics

with James D. Feldman, CSP
& Jeorge G. Holmes

The NOWIST™ -Transformation Growth Advisor

Shift Happens and when it does…



One Bright Idea, inspired by James Feldman, CSP, could reinvent your life and business world.

James identifies what can be done NOW on your Journey To Bright Ideas™ for your Recession Revenue Rescue.


Based on his recently published book:

Shift Happens!® Reinvent Yourself Using 3D Thinking

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Jim is The Nowist™. 

He collaborates with organizations to

create a vision-NOWwhere others aren’t looking,

capture what others are not seeing,

by providing UNCOMMONcommon sense.

Want to know why Jim is called The Nowist?  

To ensure that 

Stop looking outside the box, and instead


If you are a corporation, municipality, travel and hospitality provider, trade association, HBA, automotive, or healthcare organization I can help. If you would like to create a transformational shift, elevate your customers’ experience, reposition yourself, develop more innovative solutions, improve persuasive presentation skills and win more market share and build a Recession Revenue Recovery with actionable big picture thinking let’s get started.