Transformation Growth Advisor

I assist organizations, associations,  & entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences to obtain profitable results that others have not achieved.




Jim is The Nowist™. 

He collaborates with organizations to

create a vision-NOWwhere others aren’t looking,

capture what others are not seeing,

by providing UNCOMMONcommon sense.

Want to know why Jim is called The Nowist?  

To ensure that 

Stop looking outside the box, and instead

If you are a hotel or resort, a hospitality provider, trade or professional association, corporation, or healthcare organization we can help shift ‘how’ to think about your recession revenue rescue. With our years of transformational experience, we deliver results…not write reports.

It’s time to focus on redesigning a low-friction customer experience, where there are minimal handoffs between people and departments.

Are you ready to create a transformational shift, elevate your customers’ experience, reposition your organization, develop more innovative solutions, improve persuasive presentation skills and win more market share? Let’s get started.


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