Success is not gained from perfecting the known but by seizing the unknown. The Journey To Bright Ideas™ demonstrates, visually, all that stands in the way of any leader. In fact, it not so much about what you do, but what you don’t do. Jim refers to this as Stop The Stupid Stuff®. Stop doing what doesn’t work just because it’s business as usual.

Your audience will be shown the pathbreaking methodology to prepare for an uncertain future and profit from it. UNCOMMON, common sense is provided on the journey that will enhance their skills in seizing initiatives and navigating around roadblocks.

For many, it is the Journey To Bright Ideas™ that encourages leaders to take the necessary steps to achieve or create something new. Leadership is about calculated risk-taking. It’s about hiring for the right reasons and giving enough latitude for the team to ‘dream’ about new ideas and find ways to develop them and supporting others.

It may be something that no one else sees or simply something that no one else wants to tackle. It might include moving to a new market, serving a new group of customers or solving a vexing challenge in a new way. This desired end-state or destination is the focus of the leader’s attention and they should attack it Life is uncertain, yet we hate uncertainty in business.

Jim does his homework. He gets to the root causes of procrastination, doubt, and inactivity and shows your team how to overcome these fears to win! His motivating message is exactly what your people need to get past uncertainty and indecision… and into action that gets positive results.

You get fired-up, productive people, and you’ll look like a hero. More importantly, you’ll see the positive results, long after the conference is over.

For many businesses uncertainty is viewed as the enemy yet overcoming it often results in generating profits and ensuring more consistent performance. Truth is the unknown and uncertainty is how many successful organizations create new profits. Often it is from discovering new opportunities using existing resources. Offering a framework and directions this presentation is a comprehensive approach to navigate the road on the Journey To Bright Ideas.

This presentation will help develop insight skills and create action plans that may include

  • Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategies
  • Building and Managing Strong Brands
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • A deep dive into what’s not working and why your team should Stop The Stupid Stuff®

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