3 Secrets to Great PowerPoint Presentations

After my keynote presentations I am often asked three questions about the content and presentation.

Power Presenter Remote
#1 The first question is ‘where did you get that remarkable remote control?’
This is from Honeywell. They make several versions but I prefer to carry two versions. The smaller handheld RF model for larger rooms. Wireless for smaller rooms.

I always take extra batteries and a spare of each version so that if I drop one I have a back up.

#2 The second question is how I use movies and television scenes in my presentations.  

If you have never seen my presentations I include movie scenes to support my content. For instance when I spoke to the Cremation Association I used a scene from “The Bucket List” where the two stars, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman discuss their burial plans. http://youtu.be/OtUoowyCylI  For many it was the most targeted point I made about the need for all of us to pre plan our funeral and burial arrangements.

#3 How do you create those wonderful slides?

My PowerPoint Slides are visual and compelling. I spend a great deal of time ‘entertaining’ my audiences with easy to read, visual, singular points. PowerPoint was always intended to be a visual media. Some speakers use them instead of newspapers and periodicals and put so much copy on the screen the term ‘death by powerpoint’ was created.

To make your slides look professional I suggest Presentation Pro tools. Go to this website and learn about all the templates, animations, logos, to make ‘killer presentations.

Great presentations are based on the audience reaction. Not yours. Not the meeting planner. If you don’t educate, entertain, and engage the audience your message will be lost.

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