Power Point 101

Many people ask me how I create such beautiful slides. Animations, great graphics, movies and other ‘eye candy’ for the presentation.

First of all you must remember that PowerPoints are visual media. It was never intended to be full of copy, confusing graphs and charts, and loaded with information. The role of PowerPoint is to engage one of the senses and offer the presenter a way to keep on track of the major points of the presentation. Thus the name is Power  Points not Power Stuff or Power Text.  It’s about creating the Aha moment.Slide64


Like going to the movies or watching compelling television it is about engaging the viewer by touching upon as many senses as possible.

Here’s the first secret.

Keep it simple.

PowerPoint is not intended to be complicated graphs, charts, or tons of copy. Create a slide with one message. One illustration. One thing that the audience can focus upon to get your point.

You are the star not the PowerPoint.

Use the PowerPoint to support a point or message.

Review the ‘secret’ tools that I use to make PowerPoints more interactive, informative, and enjoyable.

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