YShift HappensIf Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. 

Change is inevitable! Because we live and work in a rapidly changing world, your audience may be rebounding from all of these ‘shifts’ and dealing with the essentials for work-life balance.  We must view change as an opportunity in order to grow our business, exceed the expectations of our Customers, and retain our talented employees. Organizations need leaders that can guide their teams to THINK, LEARN, and ACT by becoming problem solvers and value interpreters. 

Jim guides diverse companies and individuals to discover new opportunities using existing resources. He helps identify and reach high potential consumers, that in today’s economy, are more critical than ever. He believes that any client that invests in bringing him to an event should use him for not only the keynote but breakouts, board of director meetings, etc. His fees are all-inclusive. One investment for the entire day.

In addition, he offers coaching, webinars, on-site solutions, etc. Jim makes an effort to engage as many organizations as possible that have reasonable budgets for this highly sought after speaker. One call and you will quickly determine his willingness to work with your organization.     Jim is a Certified Dream Manager, Innovation Trainer, and Facilitator as well as six other industry certifications.

Shifts take place within the first meeting. Jim works with both large and small organizations. He understands budget constraints. Jim normally works on a retainer for coaching rather than billing by the hour. B2B/B2C speaking fees are reduced for the Chicago area. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. He will work with you to ensure that Shift Happens!®

His customized presentations will help your attendees to bounce back faster, stronger, happier, and wiser.
His diverse clients will attest to his relentless questioning with endless curiosity. He is never satisfied with ‘good enough’ because his clients depend on Jim to continually deliver more.

If your organization or association wants to succeed you must be willing to change.




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505 N. Lake Shore Drive 

Suite 6601

Chicago, IL 60611

312 • 527 • 9111


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