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At the heart of any successful presentation is the answer to WIIFM (What’s in it for me?).  It’s really what every attendee of a presentation wants answered. Jim focuses on the quality of that experience. He does pre-planning for every customized presentation by asking “what will make this presentation standout from the perspective of the attendee?” Every thing he offers reinforces that answer. His presentations are alive and evolving. He wants to make a long lasting impressing and retain vitality and relevance with his elastic message.

James has direct interaction with your decision makers, attendees, and support staff to gain an edge in responding to their needs. It about making the presentation stand out, deliver your message, and offer value to your participants.

James knows that a meeting planners success is what people say it is.  And the unifying thread is always the same: a sense of personal connection and confidence in the ‘wisdom’ that he shares. Jim works directly with the meeting planner to create a presentation that answers: “How does this presentation help solve their challenges and meet their goals?”

James knows that your attendees want meaningful and applicable information. Jim works closely with the meeting planner to deliver what matters most to your participants. “It’s what people say about the presentation when they leave the room” and that’s what really counts.

James keeps the conversation going by being authentic and approachable. He arrives early and stays late by showing that he really cares about the ‘takeaway’ benefits of his presentation. His goal is to provide you attendees with a collective experience that exceeds the most critical examination.


James aligns your products, services, and connects with his message in order to gain your attendees trust, loyalty, and support. From movie and television scenes to the stunning visuals his customized message is informative, emotional, fun, and meaningful .

James strives to make his presentation stand out and deliver the value that matter most to your attendees. The brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster that text. Images are key to interacting with, informing, and empowering participants. He creates AHA moments.

James arrives early and stays late. Part of the benefit of having a keynote speaker is the interaction with the audience after the presentation. They often want to ask individual questions, create Instagrams, Pinterest, Facebook photos. Jim normally arranges to be available at no extra fee.

James brings chocolate. Jim is an artisan artisan chocolatier. His company, Tivoli Chocolates makes unique chocolate products that satisfy the most discerning platte. Every meeting planner receives a carefully chosen assortment.


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