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Are you facing eroding ROI for your escalating T&E expenses getting your employees to professional conferences?

We are offering virtual presentations due to Covid-19. Contact us to discover how we can collaborate to deliver relevant content NOW.

The meeting industry has been disrupted by Covid-19 as well as technology, travel and entertainment expenses, and the real cost of taking your key employees away from your market. Your associates have discovered that current information is available online.

Overall, they no longer consider meetings and conferences as the primary networking resource if they engage in social media.  For most meetings attendees the hallway, cocktail parties, and time away from the meeting is used to set up introductions with those they want to interact with in-person or online.

While millions of dollars are spent on production, speakers, AV, meals, and more to create educational output the attendee often skips the formal meeting. Surveys indicate that attendees feel the parties and offsite interaction is the highlight of the event.

As an experienced meeting and event planner, keynote and breakout speaker, my team and I have created a Signature Program to address these concerns and opportunities as well as more virtual presentations. Contact us to discuss a complimentary webinar for your organization.

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Jim Feldman is a professional business and motivational speaker who provides the expertise, charisma and professionalism you need to make your job as a meeting planner easier, he ensures a successful program and creates an inspired audience.

Every presentation is customized to your company, audience, problems and solutions. Nothing is canned. Everything is fresh.

Jim’s been a keynote business speaker for over 30 years, presenting for such diverse organizations as the U.S. Department of Defense, Verizon, Toyota, Eastman Kodak, March of Dimes, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer and the Cremation Association of North America just to name a few. Please visit our Client Reviews to read or watch more satisfied clients and audience reviews.

This year’s event was huge success, due in large part to your time, talent and dedication in bringing an interesting and informative presentation to the attendees.

Nancy DelBianco, Director of Professional Development
Educational Institute, American Hotel & Motel Association

  1. JIM CONNECTS WITH THE AUDIENCE – He is consistently rated the best speaker at conferences
  2. THERE’S NO CANNED SPEECH HERE – Fresh ideas are customized for each presentation to feed the audience
  3. A BUSINESSMAN WHO SPEAKS – As a entrepreneur & consultant he debunks misconceptions
  4. ENTERTAINMENT, HUMOR & CONTENT – Jim creates insanely bold visuals and presentations
  5. JIM IS THE IDEA GUY – He’ll give your audience solutions they can implement immediately
  6. TRANSFORMATIONAL NOT INFORMATIONAL – Jim’s topics provide a roadmap to innovation, service & change management
  7. JIM THINKS DIFFERENTLY – Jim was named him a top innovator with the founders of Google
  8. JIM LEARNS YOUR LANGUAGE – He talks with your audience, not at them.
  9. JIM’S AN CHANGE EXPERT – He’s worked with hundreds of companies to make Shift Happen
  10. JIM MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR – He defines his success by exceeding your meeting objectives

Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

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The Innovative Practitioner who speaks with creative insights, practical experience, and big picture thinking.
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