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James D. Feldman, CSP is a ‘NOWIST’ not a Futureist.

It’s about now,  not later that will demonstrate how Shift Happens!®  He is an EXPERT that speaks.

His diverse clients will attest to his relentless questioning with endless curiosity. He is never satisfied with ‘good enough’ because his clients depend on him to continually deliver more. Together they think in big ideas and challenge themselves to find solutions that are creative and constructive. Embracing ideas from everywhere, He has the patience to let them develop, even as we push for results-applying the resources need to obtain great audience outcomes.

Jim is an innovation, marketing, and promotion expert and CEO of his own performance improvement companies, a keynote business speaker, an entertaining motivational speaker, author of 14 books and hundreds of articles and was named “One of the 100 Top Motivators of the Last 100 Years” by Incentive Magazine. 

Jim started to understand the distinction between rewards and recognition at an early age. In high school, he started his first merchandise company to deliver party favors for proms and events. As the business grew he used his photography experience to create a ‘party favor’ catalog that migrated into personalized merchandise rewards and awards for other organizations. By the time he went to college his company, Party Pix was recognized as the market leader for dance photographs, fraternal organizations, and sports teams. He started to make formal presentations about how to distinguish between rewards and recognition and provided both to McDonald’s, General Tire, Aston-Tate, Neutrogena, Vidal Sassoon, Disney, and others.

By the mid ’80s his company serviced both huge companies like Toyota, Wrigleys, Greyhound, Knudsen, Nissan, Ford, Frito-Lay, and consolidations such as Beatrice, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, etc.

He was a pioneer in the creation of loyalty programs that offered more experiential elements so that redemption choices included individual incentive travel as well as branded merchandise. Jim realized that ‘speaking’ to the needs and aspirations of his clients’ customers and employees required education. His message of ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’ has become a classic phrase that represents the needs for better-designed programs and more targeted rewards. To create a buzz Jim started to make formal presentations to trade shows and clients. Today Jim is a sought after speaker that identifies future trends and helps guide his clients on the Journey To Bright Ideas™.

The velocity of business change has increased to the point that Jim recognized that most organizations must be able to constantly shift your thinking and emphasis to address issues and opportunities as they arise. Management practices that may have worked yesterday may not work today. Your employees’ development and your customer retention must change. You must shift your thinking & start to manage change. He has worked with diverse clients from the United States Department of Defense to the Cremation Association of North America, McDonald’s to Wynn Las Vegas, Toyota to Apple, Neutrogena to AT&T, Hyatt to American Dental Association.

As a is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Thought Leader for the hospitality/travel industry, healthcare, automotive, telecommunications, B2B, B2C, trade and professional associations, gaming industry, fast food he has a diverse background with a history of driving change, innovation, and improved customer experience for companies across a range of industries.

He provides plain talk to smart people. Jim focuses on the results and challenges your audiences…“don’t let what you think you know prevent you from learning what you need to know.”  

Here’s some relevant information you might want to know about Jim:

  • Jim offers your organization an infusion of ideas that deliver new ways of looking at opportunities using your existing resources and combining with others to create or increase revenue streams.
  • He teaches techniques and skills that anyone can learn.
  • The presentations are customized to your audience.
  • The content is targeted to your industry.
  • Jim learns your language and asks ‘what’s working?’ ‘what’s not working?’ ‘what’s missing?’ and ‘what’s next?, ‘what’s possible’, and ‘why not?’
  • He helps organizations learn what they don’t know so they can create their own ‘shifts.’
  • It’s a demonstration with audience interaction and participation that helps make them aware of that which they have not realized.
  • He has discussions with your audience, not lecture to them.
  • 100% of his clients have offered to be referrals.
  • Jim’s deliverable is to change not only what you think but how you think.

If you want to make Shift Happen consider a no-obligation discussion of what Jim can provide to your next meeting, event, conference, or retreat. Jim offers insights into business challenges that can shift the trajectory of any business. If you seek a presenter that is enlightening, relevant, controversial, entertaining, and practical consider Jim as your next keynote or workshop speaker. He realized that he could not predict the future and concentrated on ‘plain talk for smart people’ that focused on what to do now

csp logoLorman Distinguished Faculty Member

Jim’s been a keynote business speaker for over 35 years, presenting for such diverse organizations as BASF, U.S. Department of Defense, Tribune Media Group, Verizon, Toyota, American Dental Association, Mexico Showcase, Meet Puerto Rico, Eastman Kodak, March of Dimes, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Cremation Association of North America, Microsoft, AT&T, Xerox, etc. Please visit our clients’ page to see and hear client reviews.

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Clients Jim has been keynote or breakout speaker

Jim has worked with Fortune 500 companies including McDonald’s, Toyota, Apple, Microsoft, Xerox, Kodak, Hewlett Packard and Helene Curtis as a change facilitator. Jim helped introduced new products, refined target audiences and delivered measurable results.

Toyota engaged Jim for over 150 projects ranging from new car promotions to parts and service performance improvements introducing tangible techniques that made everyone part of the solution to capitalize on change.

Working with Hewlett Packard he motivated channel partners to increase their support of HP products in the marketplace while displacing many of HP competitors.

Aria Resort and Casino engaged Jim to work with their sales, marketing, and operations departments to create an Idea Exchange which produced over 700 new ideas in less than 45 minutes. Imagine what Jim can do for your organization?

He concentrates on overcoming entrenched cultures and habits, introducing innovative thinking and risk-taking to develop solutions that have help his clients’ springboard to success. Are you ready to make Shift Happen?

Through experiences in his career, Jim has honed techniques to embrace change, to create a culture of innovation, great customer service and to creatively solve business problems. He shares this knowledge with your audience to create an entertaining, informative presentation that your attendees will be talking about for weeks and months afterwards.

Special Designations:

  • 1 of only 6 individuals in the world to earn the Master Incentive Professional (MIP) certification
  • 1 of only 50 to earn Certified Incentive Travel Executive (CITE) certification
  • 1 of only 40 to earn Certified Professional of Incentive Marketing (CPIM) certification
  • 1 of just a few hundred worldwide to earn Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) certification
  • 1 of less than 12% of all speakers, worldwide to earn Certified Speaker Professional (CSP) certification
  • 1 of less than 500 to earn Certified Photographic Counselor (CPC)
  • 1 of less than 250 Certified Facilitator
  • 1 of less than 150 Certified Innovation Trainer
  • 1 of less than 150 Certified Dream Managers®
  • Only person in the world to have earned all of his industries’ certifications


  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) National Speakers Association
  • Master Incentive Professional (MIP) – Association of Incentive Marketers
  • Certified Innovation Trainer-SolutionPeople
  • Certified Dream Manager-Matthew Kelly
  • Certified Facilitator-Destiny Seminars
  • Certified Incentive Travel Executive (CITE) – Society of Incentive & Travel Executives
  • Certified Professional of Incentive Marketing (CPIM) – Incentive Marketing Association
  • Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) – International Society for Performance Improvement in affiliation with American Society for Training and Development
  • Certified Photographic Counselor (CPC) – Photographic Marketing Association
  • Managing Real Estate Broker State of Illinois
  • Realtor®
  • Expert Witness: U.S. Federal Courts
  • Expert Witness: IRS Hearings
  • Expert Witness: Colorado Federal Courts
  • Underwater Photography Instructor-PADI
  • Underwater Wreck Diver-NAUI
  • Underwater Rescue Diver-PADI
  • Certified Food Service Handling Manager-State of Illinois



  • In June 2005, Incentive Magazine named the top motivators in the last 100 years. In the Innovators category, Jim Feldman was one of just six people honored.
  • The International Platform Association awarded the 1997 IPA Engraved Silver Bowl to Jim Feldman. The award is presented by the IPA Board of Governors to a speaker who represents the “Magic of Communication.” Previous recipients include Art Linkletter, Bill Cosby, David Frost, Harry Blackstone, and Henry Kissinger.
  • AIM Presidents Award-2001- for outstanding accomplishments and education
  • SITE Crystal Award-2002- for Individual Incentive Travel program for Compaq-now Hewlett Packard
  • SITE Crystal Award-2003- for Hewlett Packard


  • BA, English & Economics, Kansas State University
  • MBA, Marketing, University of Illinois
  • Washburn Univ. Law School
  • IIT Kent Law School
  • University of Notre Dame, Executive Development Seminars
  • Adjunct Professor Roosevelt University
  • Visiting Professor Northern Illinois University

Other Links

Synectics Open Solutions, LLC.

Synectics Open Solutions, LLC. (or SOS) has assembled a team of business experts from Motorola, Toyota, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Coach, as well as media, advertising and promotion entrepreneurs that have ‘bottom-line, results-oriented’ experience to help solve your business problems. Whether it’s acquisitions or divestments, cash flows or financial survival, creating high-performance teams to employee retention, we will assemble a team of experts to collectively address your individual opportunities. is a selection of unusual products at amazing prices. Including travel items, incentive travel certificates, 10 lb Ghirardelli chocolate, wine products and much more.


Jim is a proud member of SpeakerMatch. SpeakerMatch is the only service of its kind when it comes to matching speakers and speaking opportunities. SpeakerMatch reaches emerging professional speakers, business leaders, technical gurus, educators, and other subject-matter experts who want to communicate what they know.


SpeakerMix is a collaborative platform that has been created by thousands of event planners, speakers, and agencies around the world.


espeakers is an online directory of accomplished speakers, trainers, and presenters.

PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago is Chicago’s largest no-kill animal shelter. Pets are worth saving. Jim is a board member and he’d like you to know about this incredible charity. Please don’t forget about the pets the next time you donate to a charity.

IRF – Incentive Research Foundation

Jim was a 7 year trustee member of IRF, which funds and promotes research to advance the science, enhance the awareness and appropriate application of motivation and incentives in business and industry globally. The goal is to increase the understanding, effective use and resultant benefits of incentives to businesses that currently use incentives and others interested in improved performance.

Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

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