In my new book, Shift Happens! No Job, No Money, Now What?, I refer to many websites for resources including business building tools, barter organizations, coupons, discounts, direct selling companies and more. People have already requested to have all that information together and easily accessible. So here it is… Enjoy!

Website Appendix from Shift Happens!

Magazines for Business Minds

Real Life Examples of Innovative Businesses

Barter Organizations

Coupon Websites

Company Websites Offering Coupons

Companies Offering Loyalty Program Discounts

Member Program Discounts

Pharmacy Rebate Programs

Make Extra Money Selling ‘Stuff’ On

Business Building Resources

Online Contests To Help Start Business

Business Plan Software Resources

Direct Selling Companies & Resources

Website Builder Resources

Other Resources

—– This is from Jim’s new book, Shift Happens! No Job, No Money, Now What? —–