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Perhaps no other country celebrates innovation the way America does.

We are reminded of the life changing power of inventiveness everyday.

I want you think about some of these unanswered questions.

  • Who or what are we today?
  • Who do we want to become?
  • How do we get there?

Let’s commit to consistent execution because in consistency success emerges.

An idea does not a visionary make.

Rather than being committed to a specific idea, the visionary is committed to”relentless change,” the painful process of propelling the idea forward.

That guy named Steve Jobs knew the difference. At first,Jobs didn’t want to open up the App Store to third-party developers for fear of “polluting” Apple’s pristine APPLE TREE–that is until his closest counselors urged him to ‘shift’ his thinking.

Refusing to be held captive by (his own) bad ideas, he altered his vision to capture the best of both worlds, retaining control of iPhone apps with a strict app approval process while allowing third party apps to flourish. Steve became the poster child for ‘shifting’ thinking and creating a culture based on customer wants…even before the customer knew they wanted it.

The status quo may have won in the past but that was yesterday. Today Shift Happens whether you like it or not!

Do you ask yourself…    

What are you going to do differently today, that will get you better results than you obtained yesterday?

  • What If?
  • What’s Next?
  • What’s Possible?
  • Why NOT?

Try to make your own Shift Happen before you attempt to influence others. Don’t put it off. Just do it. And if you fail, then learn from it.

The lesson then, is this:

Being that the future hasn’t happened yet, no idea is too complete to change or too incomplete to start on.

Pursue the change, not the idea itself.   According-to-Jim-300x168

Transform how you think not what you think.

Examine new ideas, in a new light, and differentiate to win.


Shift Happens! ® When you pursue change.

Shift Happens! ® When you pursue change.


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