When you overcome objections using business development strategies and skills you can go down the path to engage your prospect and get to YES.


  • Build rapport, trust, and relationships with buyers
  • Balance advocacy and inquiry in sales conversations.
  • Inspire and build credibility.
  • Questioning techniques to uncover the buyer needs and desires.
  • Craft compelling solutions
  • Sell ideas and insights that influence the buyer’s actions.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to uncover the full set of client needs and desires.


This program will provide easy-to-use tools and frameworks to find WHO wants a solution and understands the problem. You will discover how to focus on other suspects by moving from those that don’t care about the answer and doesn’t understand the question.


1. Learn what sales winners do, and sell like a top performer.

2. Follow a proven method and conversation process for winning sales.

3. Learn how to ask incisive questions that get to the heart of client needs.

4. Create competitive differentiation .

5. Understand and position your firm’s value most powerfully.

7. Demonstrate the impact and return on investment of your services.

8. Understand buyers and buying, including how to sell to 8 different buyer personas .

9. Develop more professionals into rainmakers.

10. Maximize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Overcoming Objections in any presentation.
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