Improve your Skills and Better your Future

Speaking in front of an audience is a hugely anxiety-provoking task for anyone, especially those who are not practiced at the art of public speaking. It is also an incredibly important skill to have, particularly for those in the business of making presentations. Fortunately, discovering the essential elements that make a presentation truly effective is exactly what we do best here at Shift Happens! For years I have enabled businessmen and women speak confidently at the front of a room, and my upcoming event on November 17 does just that.

Helpful Insights into Persuasive Presentation Skills

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, a newly minted grad, or simply someone seeking to better your résumé, this event is for you. Come and learn with us and expand your skill set by attending 27 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Deliver Your Message, Grow Your Business, & Make Money. We are confident you will walk away with vital speaking skills that will impact your life for years to come. At the conclusion of the day all of the attendees are given the opportunity to take a test from the International Platform Organization in order to become a Certified Presentation Expert.

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