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Almost everyone loves chocolate.  Jim gave away 10 pound bars of milk or dark gourmet chocolate to his clients for weddings, birthdays, and holidays.. They loved the chocolate so much many asked to buy some for their Customers.

Within a few years Jim was delivering tons of chocolate. Shift Happens! Some bars were broken during transit and returned for replacement.

He took some home with the idea he would melt it and create some chocolate candies. He mixed in the traditional flavors but started to create his own ‘mad scientist’ blends such as

  • Rootbeer/Ginger/Tajin
  • Lychee/Watermelon
  • Coffee/Chipotle
  • Sea Salt/Dark Carmel
  • Watermelon/Clove
  • Lemon Ganache
  • Bacon/Sea Salt
  • and an assortment of truffles.

Now this ‘hobby’ has turned into a business. Jim invents a few new flavors each month. He starts by giving them away. He then asks for an evaluation and often records it for the website. Over the years he has found that the chocolates make new friends and engages them in a friendly conversation. Nothing works better. Whether you like or dislike dark chocolate  his flavors seem to convert the non-convertibles. Clients now order the chocolates to give to their customers and the Tivoli brand is growing in popularity. There are lots of chocolates in the marketplace but none get the 100% reaction…I Lov It.

No matter where he travels Jim always brings chocolate. He has found it to be a currency. Airline and hotel upgrades? Chocolate works all the time. Need an impromptu gift for a client, an event, birthday, etc. he has at least one ‘gift box’ ready for the unanticipated need.

These are not your mass produced chocolates. They are handcrafted in small batches. We are so sure you will like them we guarantee it.

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Tivoli Signature Box and logo

Tivoli Signature Box and logo

Jim brings chocolates with him wherever  he speaks…just ask for a sample. Cant’ wait? www.tivolichocolate.com