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Consultants write reports. We deliver results.® 

I collaborate with organizations to  create a vision where others aren’t looking,
capture what others are not seeing, by providing UNCOMMON, common sense.

We offer several ways to work with Jim and his team. Delivering a keynote or workshop is often the start.

As a keynote speaker, Jim often reminds his potential travel and hospitality clients that a single speech can not survive the daily challenges of ‘shifting’ how to think. The travel industry is constantly changing. Think Airbnb, Uber, Lyft? All disrupted the industry and quickly became the ‘competitor’ to more established organizations.

Our team always suggests an ongoing education plan coupled with coaching to ensure that Shift Happens!®

Same with almost every industry from healthcare to automotive. Shift Happens! So we created the Masters Program.


Here are some key points we’ve discovered about the meeting industry:

  • It has been disrupted by technology, travel expenses, and the real cost of taking your key employees away from your market.
  • Your associates have discovered that current information is available online. Overall, they no longer consider meetings and conferences as the primary networking resource if they engage in social media.
  • For most session attendees, the hallway, cocktail parties, and time away from the meeting are used to set up introductions with those they want to interact with in-person or online.
  • While millions of dollars are spent on production, speakers, AV, meals, and more to create scholarly output, the attendee often skips the formal meeting.
  • Surveys indicate that attendees feel the parties and offsite interaction is the highlight of the event.

Since 1979, James D. Feldman and his associates have offered to consult to a limited number of high-quality engagements in our various areas of specialty. We deliver proven solutions, value-added services, extensive experience and above all, personalized service. As a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Jim adheres to their code of ethics and responsibility. He is actively involved in raising the standards of management consultants, worldwide, and often speaks and writes to educate clients on the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ to ‘wow’.

Jim listens to his clients. He asks lots of questions, listens, gets feedback on wants and needs, engages individuals and helps create new solutions using existing resources when possible.

He focuses on achieving success for his clients and weighs all decisions against the common good. With his client’s direction, he gets to the goal together-inspiring, sharing, and creating a cohesive team. Making the most of his incredible diversity, Jim encourages everyone to contribute their best to accomplish a remarkable impact on his clients.

We specialize in hospitality, automotive, health and beauty, direct selling, restaurant, and fast foods, and real estate. Our approach is to Think Inside The Box. Why? Because that’s where the problem resides.

Our work historically has been collaborative, involving client workforce and assets and the transfer of skills to the assigned personnel. Jim’s capabilities include product development, brand innovation, and creatively-led business strategy. Jim firmly believes in the value of creativity to drive positive business and social impact. He is an avid traveler who enjoys speaking on the intersection of innovation and business at events around the world. His clients range from the Department of Defense to Aria Resort and Casino. March of Dimes to Toyota. Cremation Association of North America to Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

Today, organizations shift their businesses through their ability to innovate. Innovation is how you make money from creativity. We show you how your team will break through business as usual thinking and create disruption that results in new opportunities. Jim provides plain talk to smart people. Your team will be encouraged to be more motivated, structured and behave differently. They create platforms for conversations, action, and invention in a world that is increasingly connected.

In today’s challenging environment, game-changing businesses, whether established or start-up, are smartly using their brand to drive growth — and to make a difference in the world. Our consulting team information may be found at

In the hospitality industry, we developed advisory services for areas of fractional developments and condo hotels. Many consultants or experts marketing their services in the hospitality industry come from narrow backgrounds. Jim and his professional staff, on the other hand, carry broad career experience within a variety of functional areas.

Why engage Jim Feldman and Synectics Open Solutions, LLC.?

    • We accept a limited number of clients, so Jim manages each engagement.
    • We can act as facility managers or as third-party advisors.
    • We have worked for both large and small companies.
    • We marry all facets of operations, sales, finance, technology, manufacturing, and real estate experience perspectives.
    • We help our clients THINK INSIDE THE BOX.
    • We improve leadership.
    • We make innovation happen.


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