It’s time to focus on your future. Yet there is no escape from the complications of the headlines that shaped our world. However, the negative actions of a few should not prevent us from to set a positive tone for the coming year.

Uninstall 2015

Uninstall 2015 and focus on your future

I hope for you, and yours, that your best day of 2015 is your worst day in 2016.

It’s time for reflection of 2015. Use it to plan for 2016 on a much deeper level. Forget those normal tones of ‘make more,’ ‘spend less’ and ‘take time to smell the roses.’

Most of us, thankfully, work seemingly far removed from the tragic events unfolding in real time across the globe with alarming regularity. Each day it seemed I trembled when I learned of the terror created in Mali and Paris, the jetliner explosions over Egypt, and the unwarranted shootings in  San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Charleston  and now my home town of Chicago.  However it’s still important to keep everything in perspective, especially during this time of that that is deeply personal to many of us. We can’t let the actions of a few dictate the response of many. I take courage to continue, but that’s what really counts.

To help you find the proper perspective and time to reflect on your 2016 resolutions take a few minutes to answer some of these questions.

Turning into 2016

  • One thing that made me very happy in 2015 was_______________
  • One that that made me proud was_________________________
  • I can’t believe that this ‘shift happened’______________________
  • My biggest surprise was_________________________________
  • If I could undo one thing that happened to me in 2015, it would be____
  • The amazing new person I met in 2015 was____________________
  • In 2015 I learned how to_________________________________
  • In 2015, I lost
  • I gained
  • I wasted too much time on
  • The most productive time I spent was
  • I regret how much money I spent on
  • On the other hand, I spent a lot of money on________________________ and it was worth every cent.
  • The book I’ve recommended most in 2015 is
  • The book I wanted to read in 2015 but didn’t will now be the first book I read in 2016 is _________________________________________________________________________
  • One of the nicest things anybody did for me all year was
  • One of the nicest things I did for someone else was
  • My biggest health related moment/accomplishment was
  • I complained a little too much about
  • I was not grateful enough for (to)
  • If I had to sum up my 2015 in three words they would be
  • 1)_____________________2)_____________________3)_______________________
  • If I had to sum up my goals in three words for 2016 they would be 1)_____________________2)_____________________3)_______________________
  • My biggest commitment for 2016 is
  • My biggest concern for 2016 is
  • I would consider 2016 successful when this Shift Happens! ®