When people can’t see Tomorrow clearly they assume it will be like Today or Yesterday. During your 4th of July holiday consider these

12 tips  to help you with your Vision.colorful-eye-widescreen-hd

  1. The first step is to take responsibility for your success. Luck and fate play far less a role in your company than your attitude and accepted wisdom. See yourself as a success — and feel worthy of that success — and you’ll be halfway there.
  2. Persistence. Like Rome, your career won’t be built in a day. So don’t give up just because one idea or project doesn’t work out. Keep coming up with new ideas and projects, and continue to work hard. Ultimately, you will succeed due to the accumulation of your efforts. And the more you do, the higher up that success mountain you’ll go.
  3. Strategy. Be the man or woman with the plan. Success happens one step at a time. To make sure you keep heading in the right direction, create ‘success map’ and sketch out a route to your desired destination.
  4. Adapt and innovate. To be successful, you need to be flexible enough to go with new ideas and give up old ones that are no longer working.
  5. Learn Your Lessons. Identify your weak points and counteract them with planning and personal support systems.
  6. Make The Negative Positive. One of the greatest satisfactions of learning is its ability to transform an unpleasant experience into valuable knowledge. Remember Experts Have Their Knowledge In Order.
  7. Audit Yourself. Honestly assess your knowledge base and pinpoint areas you need to improve in. Then set knowledge goals and devise a plan to meet them.
  8. Think of Learning As An Investment. The more knowledge you gain, the more value you command as a worker. Increase your knowledge base and you’ll increase your income and market share. Don’t limit yourself to learning that will directly benefit your career. Make learning a habit — one that will keep your mind in shape the same way exercise tones your body. Take courses or read books that deal with subjects you’re interested in outside of work. You’ll be surprised how often the knowledge you gain benefits you at work.
  9. Get Involved. Join organizations. Contribute to charities. Offer your wisdom to others. Be viewed as an expert.
  10. Networking is a skill whereby you strategically meet people and maintain contacts that can provide you with information, advice, and leads. The bigger your network, the better your chances of building your business.
  11. The basis of all learning is the understanding that everything is connected to everything else. Upselling increases the size of the transaction. Up servicing increases the amount of satisfaction.
  12. Shift Happens!® And the only choice is to be the one creating all the ‘shift’                                                                or become the one ‘shift’ upon.colorful-eye-1080p-hdChange is going to happen whether you embrace it or not. Opportunities will be waiting for you if you can overcome resistance to new ways of thinking. What stops most individuals from innovation is hesitation due to uncertainty. When you cast aside uncertainty and start to ask “what if,” you will unleash the unlimited possibilities of innovative thinking it will result in new profits for your organization.