For many years I always went to new client meetings with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts.

I created my own donut box with my logo, name, and contact information. It was memorable.DonutBoxpersonalized

Prior to arriving at the meeting I would get, eleven hot, fresh vanilla glazed (standard Krispy Kremes) and one powdered sugar, rasberry filled donut.

When possible I tried to schedule the meetings on Monday.

  • Why you ask?
  • Why the special box?
  • Why the rasberry filled?
  • Why Monday?

The special box had my contact information and if I could come up with a way to get the box to remain on the conference table or in the break room for more than a day it would be a reminder of our meeting.

Why Monday? because if my plan worked it would have a full week before the weekend and normal ‘tidy’ up for the following week.

Why rasberry with the powdered sugar? because no one likes to get the powder or the jam on their business attire…so it is almost never eaten so the lone donut stays in the box.

When Krispy Kreme started to close most of their stores I had to come up with something else.

So I started to bring a ten pound bar of chocolate. Yes it was a big hit but I could not get the branding awareness that I gained from the donuts. And yes a 10 pound bar of chocolate is memorable.


Then I started to melt chocolate and try to make chocolate treats. After two years of learning how to temper chocolate, use polycarbonate molds, silcone sheets, food transfers, oil based flavoring and coloring my chocolate have reached professional/gourmet status. Milk chocoate with candied walnuts, apple & carmel centers, rootbeer & ginger, cinnamon pecan, and turtle like creations. Dark chocolate with lemon ganache, tajin spiced fava bean and chipotle, bacon and sea salt, coconut chunks with crushed candied almonds, and of course almonds, pecans, peanuts bark.

I have a confession to make about what I usually make with my chocolate.

Now there is an expectation among my friends, family, volunteer co-workers, doctors, baristas at the local coffee shop, and pretty much everyone else I meet anywhere that I will always walk into a room with hands full of incredible chocolate creations.Chocolate

To be honest, it’s really AKWARD to be empty handed.

To be even more honest I love the compliments when people taste something I’ve made myself.

I’m a bit addicted to the praise and being the center of attention.

Sure I love making fancy stuff a lot of the time, but I hate having to ALWAYS plan ahead when I go to the grocery store to always have fresh cream for ganache to make truffles, or fresh apples for my famous caramel apples, or other ingredients for those unique flavors. However, my artisian chocolates have become more memorable and that SHIFT has become very valuable to me. Clients now order them. Friends want them for events. And now I have found a commercial kitchen and will soon make them commercially available…thus making them even more memorable.

Make your mouth water? Then go to and check out the big 10 pound bar. The assortments will be available shortly should you wish to order some for yourself.

Let’s focus on innovation and branding. Doesn’t this fit perfectly? Do I have to explain what I do (besides make chocolate candy) or does the conversation start with WOW what else do you do?

To break through the clutter and remain memorable you must create a brand-yourself-and become the spokesperson for that brand.

Are you the brand?

Are you memorable?

Are you delivering ‘breakthrough’ meaningful memories for your clients? If you do then SHIFT HAPPENS!®