SHIFT HAPPENS!® When Fear Is Not A Barrier to Innovation.

The #1 Rule is to Screw Normality.

Business, as usual, is dead!

The new game is products wrapped in services.

In the new world, everything will be intelligent, everything will be connected, and literally, everything can be considered as a platform for the delivery of services. In this age of global discontinuities, personal innovation is more critical than ever.

We live in an age of extraordinary innovation.

Innovation is attainable by anyone at any organization, regardless of title or position. Jim hosts an Idea Exchange with the audience that produces targeted ideas and solutions that the meeting organizers can use for their clients.

The time to be a creative problem solver is now.

We must recognize the value of knowledge and leverage it.

We must embrace exposure to new and better ideas.

And we MUST get better results. I am challenging you to move outside the lines that were drawn years ago. Turn the paper sideways and change everything.

The most successful people will adapt their role to provide value in collaborative relationships. It has a great deal to do with the ‘right attitude.’

Your value, to your Customer,  is measured by the size of the problems you can solve. The time to make a change is now!

Innovation is a new way of doing things that results in positive change.

Take the idea of innovation and examine it a new light, and differentiate to win.

It is time to think and act beyond the bounds of conventional wisdom.

Fear is not a growth strategy.

You must be innovative.

You must be bold.

And to accomplish that goal, you should hire Jim Feldman for your next keynote, workshop, or breakout.


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