No matter how long you’ve been creating content, working on solutions, creating new products and services, you can get stuck. It’s called a ‘block.” To most of us the ‘block’ is something much more frustrating. When writing is something you pride yourself on, not being able to do it wreaks havoc on your confidence … and makes it really hard to do your job, too. When coming up with an idea, a product, service, or solution is your task, a ‘block’ is not only frustrating but could cause reprocussions.

In combination with the Know Brainer tool, Jim will show you, how to apply 3D Thinking to overcome the block. In fact you will be leave with a simple, quick and easy way to produce a wide range of creative solutions, content, or new uses for existing resources. You’ve got to be a proactive brainstormer. You can’t wait for ideas to magically come to you — you’ve got to engineer a process for yourself.

If you have a KnowBrainer bring it with you. If not, KnowBrainers will be available for purchase at $99 each or sign up for the Early Bird Special that includes the Know Brainer.

Jim in known as The Bright Idea Guy. He will provide an ebook, a webinar, and other tools that you can use to create a foundation for a wide development of skills that you can apply to almost any ‘block.’

Limited to 24 attendees. Unlimited snacks, coffee, tea, water, as well as lunch will be served. Ebook, webinar link will be provided.