If you attended ADMEI last week, you’re probably feeling a lot like I am this morning: overly inspired and a little overwhelmed! There was no shortage of information as the industry’s leaders came together for the common goal of determining the magic formula for a DMC’s success. Here’s a blog that was written by an attendee at the conference.


Hands down, Jim Feldman (this year’s keynote) was the best way to kick things off – he’s brilliant! He set a stage that helped us constantly think, reflect and question what we’re doing and how we could be doing it better. Personally, I haven’t been able to stop asking myself these questions – work related or not – leading me to the conclusion that Jim Feldman is a genius.

So what now? How do we take everything we learned and turn it into something useful, meaningful? How do we distinguish ourselves? How do we achieve our goals? What actions are most important?

The answer: Innovation.

If you weren’t able to attend, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How can innovation be the answer to all those questions?’ But it makes perfect sense. According to Jim, ‘Creativity is the process of developing new or interesting ideas, but innovation is when we take those creative ideas and shift them into value or profitable solutions.’ Innovation is how we make money! So it’s not creativity, rather innovation that DMCs should be focusing on. And, the survival of your business (and all businesses, really) depends on it.

Innovation is the answer to how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors, stand out to our clients and enhance our profits. Innovation puts a stop to the vicious cycle of ‘The same old thinking will always yield the same old results.’ Innovation is the key to our success!

So why are we resisting? Why aren’t we taking action? If not now, when?  I’m not sure anyone has the same answers to these questions, but Jim’s suggestion: ‘Take more risks, stop doing it the old way and start doing what works.’

So, what will you do differently?

What will you take risks on?

How will you get ahead?

What will you do to stand out?

What areas are you most inspired to ignite innovation?  

Written by: Amber Worozaken


Amber is Eved’s Business Development Manager, focused on the DMC market. She has six years of experience selling technology and truly believes it can change the world. Amber loves to share good news and is ‘the one’ in the office who is always bursting with excitement.