Shift #4)  Create a Partnership with Employees.

Asking people to be creative, then shooting down their ideas creates a rift in your organization. Instead, show people that bringing their imagination on the journey is welcome.  Information wealth flows directly from innovation, not optimization. Wealth, of any kind, is not gained by perfecting the known, but by seizing the unknown. Therefore, we must all become successive producers of ideas, concepts and innovations. We must try them out to see if they work; if not, we will lose out to our competitors.dolphins

Remember that the more offbeat, the more diverse, the more eccentric and the more unusual; the better we learn and the more we retain. So allow so-called “mavericks” and their ideas into your organization, as they will likely offer a new perspective to the same old routine. Partner with these people, as we all need to stretch ourselves and innovate in everything we do. As you examine their dramatic and new approaches, remove constraints, limitations, and regimens. Listen to your Employees as you would your Customer.

Like mateing Dolphins…you want to keep them for life.


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