Are you are responsible for the bottom line?

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Are you the key decision maker, the person entrusted with plotting the course of your business?

Are you the one your employees count on to keep profits rolling in?

Now what?

But last year was not great.You could use the same growth strategy you used last year …

The Rules of Business have changed.

It’s time to recognize that the current economy has created a whole new set of obstacles.

What should you do to make this year ever?

Customers Expect Free

Give your customers ideas for free to make them hungry to buy from you.  Do not give away what you sell but add value to what you have sold.

Your Customers Are In Control, Not You

Have a way to get customer feedback so you can find out what they really want from you. You don’t want to be the last to know what your customer wants. You must learn what they want not what you want.

Nothing ChangesPersonal Marketing Beats Mass Marketing

People do business with people not companies.

Customers buy from people they trust.

You are selling yourself.

Historical Selling Methods Are Dead

Are you informative or persuasive?

No one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.

Small Adjustments Result In Big Profits

It’s not about attracting new clients. It’s about more products and services. The money is in the back-end sale. It is easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you in the past. Bundle.

Joint Ventures Make You Rich

Joint ventures offer a much faster way to grow as well as making it much easier.  It’s time for local joint ventures to package value to your clients…and theirs. The advantages of a JV are speed, access, sharing of resources, and leveraging of perishable inventories.

The Less You Do, The More You’ll Make                                         

Delegate more to achieve more. JV partnerships can create…

  • Promotions
  • Trading Content
  • Joint Blogs and Website
  • Joint Mailings and Telemarketing
  • Joint Personalized Presentations
  • Link Exchanges with JV partnerships

 The Speed of Implementation Determines Success

The winners are those that notice the change in conditions and adjust quickly. Determine the end results first, and then create the path to get there.

It’s time to create your own TOP TEN bucket list.According to Jim

  1. Shift your Own Expectations
  2. Determine What Your Customer Wants
  3. Discover Your Core Competencies and Strengths
  4. Confront Your Real Business Issues
  5. Characterize Measureable Results
  6. Find Joint Venture Partners that have what you Want
  7. Refine What Is Possible By Asking “What If?”
  8. Exceed Your Expectations- By ASKING, “What’s Next?”
  9. Change Your Belief Systems- BY Asking “Why Not?”
  10. 10. Measure, Evaluate, AND INVESTIGATE.  Shift Happens!

Get What You Want-If Not-Go Back To  #1

It’s like navigating down a once smooth river that’s now full of jagged boulders that are threatening to sink your business.

No company, no matter how smart and ambitious its leaders, will continue to grow as long as its strategy is based on out modeled business principles.

Shift Happens! ®… Now!

It’s time to ‘shift’ your thinking and create your ‘bucket list’


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