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It’s a beautiful day in Chicago. The sun is shining, the breeze is brisk and you can feel Fall in the air. On such a wonderful day maybe we’d rather be outside frolicking, but we are at work–and we are thankful for it!

There are still so many people out of jobs or underemployed, so Shift Happens partnered with the Ultimate Job Summit to create a webinar series that is FREE until September 30th, 2011. This webinar series was created to help the unemployed or underemployed and guide you through the biggest mistakes you make trying to find another job.

In the Ultimate Job Summit webinar series, you’ll learn:

  • Negotiation techniques
  • How to avoid getting downsized
  • How to earn money & reduce expenses
  • How to job hunt effectively
  • How your resume may be getting you eliminated from 50% of jobs you apply for & how to change it
  • How to network effectively and use LinkedIn to find your next job
  • How to avoid getting eliminated by company job boards
  • How to manage change, instead of letting it manage you
  • How to discover what makes you happy and then go and do it

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Remember, this FREE series is only available until September 30th, so act today or pass it on.

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