Funny TSA Sheet

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced last week that U.S. airline passengers would soon be allowed to carry small knives–2.36”–in their carry-on bags. No box cutters but 2.36” blades that do not lock? Come on? Are they going to measure each blade? What a surprise that move prompted immediate disapproval from flight attendants. But don’t agonize. TSA also included a pass for lacrosse sticks, ski poles and small, souvenir baseball bats in this same action. Really, lacrosse sticks? Was that a big issue for the brains at TSA to consider?

I get it. TSA simply is trying to reduce the amount of time it takes at check-in, but do they? During the Christmas holidays they ‘gifted’ travelers so they could carry on small snow globes, as long as they are put in those plastic bags along with your other small bottles of liquids. The rule is that globes smaller than a tennis ball are now OK, and, by the way, so are pies and fruitcakes. But not jars of jam or jelly or cranberry sauce over 3.4 ounces. Those items must be put in your checked luggage. Are the agents now given rulers, gauges, templates that allow them to check the size of snow globes and pocketknives? Will this really save time? Can a snow globe, a lacrosse stick and a jelly jar be the reasons we are delayed at the airport screening?

TSA is apparently not content with patting America’s private parts or ordering airport prostate exams. Am I the only person that sees that the TSA agents are busy talking about what they want for lunch or the latest reality television melt down? Are they trained how to pat down, measure, and investigate all of these exceptions? How about simply making rules that are actionable, understandable and enforceable? People don’t get it. Even today there are dozens of water bottles, perfume and box cutters in the nearby garbage from the passengers that ‘forgot’ the TSA rules. And how about the size, 2.36”? How did they get that number? The flight attendants are right. TSA should not allow knives on planes. Period.

The cold hard reality is that American airports have been turned into third-world stations governed by TSA autocracies. Americans are stripped of not only their dignity, but also their Constitutional rights.

It’s time for Americans to demand Congress put an end to the poorly thought-out policies of TSA. It’s time for us become a united voice and demand government to include experts from outside the government to help create workable, and understandable TSA policy decisions. A 2.36” blade can still hurt someone. A heavy snow globe was the murder weapon in The Fugitive. Perhaps TSA should watch more movies that show how creative someone could be with any knife, bottle, stick, bat, globe, etc. TSA agents will let knives through without measuring them same as curbside skycaps off look at or pick up a bag to determine their weight.

TSA should simply develop screeners and processes that focus on the safety of everyone on the flight, including the flight attendants. If it cuts, hits, shoots, or explodes, ban it. Ship it, mail it, or don’t bring it.