Like many of us I have experienced some difficult times due to the economic challenges. I sat down with myself and asked my favorite question: “What are you going to do differently tomorrow that will get you better results than yesterday?”

I came up with four ‘shifts’ that I believe will make a difference.

  1. Stop The Stupid Stuff. You can do less of some things so that you have more time to do those things that are more productive. Only I can make that decision. I have to determine what to reduce or discontinue so that I have more time and resources to devote to the accomplishment of those things that really matter.
  2. Stop The Stupid Stuff LogoWrite  an I. OWE. ME . I can make ‘shift happen.’ I can do more of those activities that produce greater value to others and myself and therefore more rewards and satisfaction. So I wrote a list that is now my roadmap to making my own shift happen.
  3. Innovation is how we make money from creativity. I am often called “The Bright Idea Guy.” It’s incumbent on me to find those new concepts, webinars, promotions, speaking topics and new clients that produce a greater return on investments or “return on ideas.’
  4. Determination is what separates ideas for execution. I have now broken down my revenue to daily amounts so it is manageable. I know that if I make $1,000 per day in a 5-day week that is $20,000 per month or $$240,000 per year. I am making those smaller goals so that they don’t seem unachievable.


At the end of each day I write down what I did thatwas not consistent with what I wanted and where I really need to go. I account for each dollar of income so that I reach my goal. It’s time for all of us to make Shift Happen.