ShoppingIf you are considering the purchase of an expensive item, then I suggest you do your homework.


Get online. Call around. Check the newspapers. There are deals to be had if you simply do a little homework.


A friend was interested in getting new appliances. She found several stores offering the same items at prices with over 25% difference. Some had free delivery. Some absorbed the sales tax. Others had floor samples that carried additional price reductions. She did her homework and got written quotes. Then she took the quotes to Amazon, Sears and others.


Sears agreed to give her new appliances for 10% less than the lowest quoted price for the floor models. (She didn’t tell them they were floor models, but again, they didn’t ask.) In addition if she could allow the delivery date to be flexible they would deliver for no charge, pick up the old appliances and install the new ones–all included in the discounted price. They had to charge sales tax but with the pick-up, delivery and installation included she saved hundreds of dollars. Three days after making the purchase the new appliances arrived.


In today’s difficult times you owe it to yourself to do your homework. Remember to compare all the variables. It’s time to pay yourself for working hard. Even if that means saving money instead of spending it.