12 Change Management Tools in time for the holidays

Last week I spent day learning about Oracle Data Storage and another day with Google learning about their new Big Query search engine. One of the tech industry’s longest-tenured paradigms—enterprise applications running on fairly generic hardware—is cracking under an ever-increasing volume of “big data” explorations and opportunities, the mobile-social upheaval, and company-wide real-time requirements that the traditional model was never designed to handle. Shift is happening in real time storage and retrieval.

For the industry overall, the specialized silos of yesterday will become the confining coffins of tomorrow. Generic servers, generic storage and generic networking will simply not be able to match the speed, power and value of engineered systems. Vendors currently in that space are scrambling to align with the emerging trend of richly integrated and optimized systems. Even in the boring data storage market, shifts are taking place to keep up with increasing demands.

The amount of data that is being stored and needs to be accessed is staggering. It made me feel that everything I know about data and search engines is as valid as yesterday’s newspaper. I spend hours a day learning and discussing innovation but the speed of change is fast, so I struggle to keep up.

The rate of change keeps accelerating. We have to be reminded, and accept, the reality of what lies ahead. I am not suggesting we put change back into the bottle but encourage you to prepare yourselves for the fact that every year is going to bring us bigger doses of ‘shift.’

Shift now affects virtually everything. Too many folks fail to understand the situation. Shift Happens!

Here’s my 12 Shifts of Christmas

  1. Broaden your perspective on change
  2. Reorganize the gifts from change
  3. Rethink our role in the changing world of work
  4. Help accelerate change in your life
  5. Return to our responsibilities and ignore our rights
  6. Use better change tools
  7. Gain more change knowledge
  8.  Discover more choices
  9.  Make it easier for your organization to change
  10.  Speed up everything by changing
  11.  Think ‘clear and present’ change opportunities
  12.  Become a change transformer