Shift Happens No Job, No Money, Now What BookYesterday I was interviewed on WGN Radio with John St. Augustine of Pinch Hitters about my new book Shift Happens! No Job, No Money, Now What? The purpose of the show was to take calls from people who had lost jobs or had significant changes in their lives.  Several of the callers explained that they lost jobs and could not find work. It was a sober reminder that we all need to be thankful for our health, our families, our friends and renew our belief for a better future.

My WGN interview audio with John St. Augustine:

Click here to listen to Jim’s interview: [rokbox title=”WGN Interview Jim Feldman” thumb=”” size=”250 15″ album=”audio-video”]http://localhost:8888/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/wgn-interview.mp3[/rokbox]

My interview may have helped others find new jobs or become independent business owners. Hopefully I touched someone and gave him or her an idea they could use to make their own positive life changes. I suggested that most of us struggle with issues over which we do have some control.

John St. Augustine, the talk show host, and I encouraged listeners to reflect on how they can take charge over those things they can control and deal with what you can’t change.

  • Ask others for help.
  • Offer help to others.
  • It’s time to reconnect.

As the old telephone ad said. “Reach out and touch someone.” Perhaps, in some small way, I did touch someone. I may never know but I felt good thinking that my brief radio time had a positive influence. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Charla Nash, the Connecticut woman who was brutally attacked by a 200-pound chimpanzee showed off her new face on the Today Show. In 2009, ABC news described her condition as having “the remnants of her missing eyes, nose, and lips.”  Her positive spirit and outlook made me reflect. If you are reading this blog you still have access to a computer, you still have Internet service, you still have time to reflect on how to take control of your life. Charla had to have her hand transplants removed after a post surgery infection. I am not diminishing your situation, but let’s reflect on what we can do to take retake control of your life. Be thankful. Be grateful.

Shift may have happened to you but how do you compare your situation Charla? This week take time for Thanksgiving. Reconnect with someone that you admire, you trust, you respect, who inspired you, touched your life, gave you good advice, makes you laugh, has values you admire, etc. Share your good fortune of still having a family event on Thursday. “Reach Out And Touch Someone” today. Donate a day to a homeless shelter, reach out to someone that has no family and invite them to dinner on Thursday, find a way to help those less fortunate than you. Commit to making a positive change in someone’s day and you will be better for it.