Eat More, Plate 4
Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Hawk


As customers tune out marketing and promotions, we need to be reminded that a human connection can bring them back into buying decisions. No matter what business you are in you should be making efforts to ensure that you DAZZLE your customers.

Great customer service can help customers gain a clearer understanding of their long-term goals and priorities and can collaborate in ways that no website ever could, to help customers move forward in the face of adversity and fear. Need help? Go to D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer for a FREE download of 21 Tips to DAZZLE Your Customers.


Recently I visited a Target Superstore. I could not find what I was looking for and asked a neatly dressed associate. She walked me to the location of what I needed. After loading the items into my cart I wandered around a clean, organized store, loaded with a variety of merchandise. Again, I thought of something I needed and could not find it. I went back to the aisle in which I had found my ‘director.’ Same story. She took me to the location but only after she looked up the item in a handheld PDA. She suggested other items that I might also need for my project. My curiosity got me. “What do you do here? How do you know so much about hardware and food products?” I asked. “I’m a Guest Services Representative and my job is to make your shopping experience exemplary.” was her reply. WOW! Target gets it! Customer Service at its best.  I have to admit it. I was DAZZLED.


Now that I had the parts I needed, I went to Home Depot to purchase white ceramic floor tiles. I had purchased 5 boxes a week ago. I needed one more box to complete the job because I’d broken some of the tiles during my do-it-yourself endeavor.

I went to the flooring department where I’d purchased the tiles previously. They were nowhere to be found. I asked an associate that was walking by and he informed me that he was on break. A second person told me that they did not work in ‘flooring’, but they would call for assistance. Ten minutes passed. I searched for the tile on each shelf hoping I could find it and go home. No luck. Again I reached out to another salesperson that was cutting some carpet for a customer. “Do you work in flooring?” I asked. “Yes, but I am busy with this customer and you will have to wait your turn.“ I went home.

People will pay for service & it has become the competitive differentiation for all business transactions. Customers want to be DAZZLED.

It’s not about price. Disagree? Stop in an Apple Store or Nordstrom. Enjoy a meal at a Morton’s Steak House or other fine restaurants. It’s not about price. It’s about service.

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