'Aqua Splash,' Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Hotel & Resort, Pool
Creative Commons License photo credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.LostManProject.com)

I’m currently staying at the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort during a conference by Meeting Place Mexico. At the conference I did a couple speeches about Shift Happens, ROI and The Real World. In every speech this week I talked about change and how to manage change. But often times I also speak about Customer Service and what I like to call Meaningful Memories. Meaningful Memories aren’t just about customer service. It’s about approaching customer service in a different light. Instead of thinking about your product/service, think about the impact your service or product has on the customer’s experience and the memory it provides. I often talk about how to become a Meaningful Memory Provider. The GM, Dennis Whitelaw, and his staff are true Meaningful Memory Providers and I’ll tell you why…

When I first arrived at the CasaMagna Marriott, I found it incredibly beautiful and the staff was top notch. But after a day in my room, I was having issues with the shower door leaking and the tv wasn’t working properly. So I called the concierge and they were happy to have someone visit the room to make the proper adjustments. A maintenance crew promptly and courteously arrived at the room to replace the rubber gasket on the bottom of the shower door and to fix the TV. However, the next day the shower wouldn’t stay closed and the TV screen only showed about 20% of a picture. On top of that, the refrigerator wasn’t cool. So I again called the concierge and the solution came straight from the GM.

Unexpectedly, I received a fruit basket with a bottle of wine and a phone call stating they were moving me to another room rather than let me stay in a flawed room. So they sent a bellman to help me pack and took me to a huge suite with an outdoor jacuzzi tub, outdoor dining table and a living room. This is why the Dennis Whitelaw is truly one of the best GM’s in the business and a Meaningful Memory Provider. He took a less than positive experience and turned it into an experience I will remember as a Meaningful Memory. Not only that, but he took a longtime customer and turned me back into a ‘raver’ of Marriott’s product & service. I’ll tell this story over and over and every time it’s because of that Meaningful Memory they provided.

Clearly Shift Happened and I liked it.