Creative Commons License photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano

Most of us made some form of New Year’s Resolution. To save more, spend less, lose weight, spend more time with family and friends, lose all the excuses that prevent you from exercising, get out of debt, and so on. Resolutions are words. We all say we ‘should’ do this or that.

I like to make lists. Not just to make the list but it becomes a commitment to myself. To Do, To Be, Stop The Stupid Stuff, all mean that I try to keep it simple in terms of what I want to do. I have lots of choices where to keep all the lists: on my iPad, computer, iPhone, notebook, diary, etc. Like forming a habit I realized that I am tethered to my iPhone so that’s were I keep it. I have learned that to accomplish any resolution you must convert your words into results.

I have great intentions when I sign up for a webinar but somehow ‘shift happens’ and I don’t always find the time to complete the session. Guess what I found? Camtasia. It will record anything you have on your screen for playback or distribution.

Create resolutions that require action. Make resolutions that you can achieve. Small steps often result in big changes. Don’t disappoint yourself by saying I want to lose 50 pounds. Instead make a resolution to eat less sugar, carbs, etc. and to lose 5 pounds in 30 days. Then you can repeat what works. Then I found Fiverr. It offers services that are amazing. Logo design, assistance in copy writing, tweets, blogs, etc. all for $5. Look for suppliers ranked as TOP SELLERS.

And finally all of us need some cool or different gifts for our Valentine. While I have found a ten-pound bar of chocolate always gets attention, this year I will be making homemade chocolate candies. I am enjoying making them and it takes my mind off the ‘shift’ in the world

My commitment to you is that I will focus my blogs to help you shift…

  1. The way you think
  2. The way you do business
  3. The way you deal with change
  4. The way you treat your customers

Also, I’d like to provide you with lists of time saving, money saving, business or personal things that I think will make your life easier, more fun, and more productive. In 2012 it’s time for each of us to make our own Shift Happen!

  1. Nift Gizmo Gadgets – Sources for hard to find items
  2. The Green Head – Unique gifts
  3. Kaboodle – Discounts on lifestyle merchandise
  4. DVOR – Discounts on sporting items
  5. The Fiver – Lots of services for $5
  6. Camtasia records your display. Great for webinars
  7. Free iPad Apps 
  8. Top Free iPhone Apps
  9. Free Android Apps
  10. Free grocery coupons
  11. Free conference calls
  12. SlideShark – Convert PowerPoint to iPad