You hear it all the time. Getting face-to-face meetings are almost impossible these days. People don’t have time to get together, or do they?

Truth is some meetings are dead, but some meetings are so productive that they develop long-term relationships.

Now we all know that the Death of Salesman made a great play but the knock on the door kind of pitchman is no longer a reality.Death-of-a-Salesman-

They made promises and often did not deliver. Often the salesman would travel door-to-door in the hope of landing an order.

Is that any different today? Don’t we all get emails and unsolicited phone calls that promise us something without asking what we really need?

I no longer answer my phone. That’s right I don’t pick it up. It is a disruption to my day. I have clients that want me to focus on their needs and to accomplish that I can’t be interrupted. I do check the phone to see if someone left me a message but for the most part the robot callers, the telemarketers simply try to call again.

I can see if a client calls with caller ID, but seldom do they call without sending an email asking for a specific date and time for our phone meeting. It is during that call that I suggest how tough it is today to develop trusting relationships when we have not meet in person. While I don’t push the meeting I do plant the thought. I want my client to feel that they are so important that I would invest time and money to have a live meeting with them. I want to DAZZLE my clients. I want to help find the cure for ‘what keeps them awake at night.’ And you can’t do that by email or on the phone.  You don’t call your doctor and tell him what bothers you and he suggests surgery without a personal examination. How then can we offer solutions to our clients without seeing their surroundings, discuss the competition, and have a live meeting?

I have spent years trying to find a substitute for getting on a plane, or driving long distances, to meet a client in the hope of doing business. What I have learned is that suggesting the live meeting at every opportunity brings a reality check to both of us. The reality is that live meetings are not dead but the very life blood that keeps companies and their clients engaged and supportive of the results. You should always hire in person.

Something magically happens with a LIVE MEETINGS. A connection is created that can not be replicated by email or voice conversations. Perspectives are shared. Information is shared. Friends are made because everyone leaves the meeting feeling like you are not alone. Great value is produced from what you give each other.

So the next time someone says LIVE MEETINGS are dead remind them that the world was built on face-to-face meetings and destroyed by drones, high level attacks, and the inability to look someone in the eye and attempt to reach an agreement.  For me, more conflicts have occurred in my life through misinterpretation of emails and voice mails than any LIVE MEETING.

You just can’t beat LIVE MEETINGS for deep, positive, and long lasting relationship building

According to JimThe demands of a globalized marketplace have altered the way we do business, but a large percentage of decision makers agree video conferences are better than phone calls, and the phone is better than email but if you want to have a high impact on your customers, colleagues, partners or suppliers LIVE MEETINGS work better.


  • Are more powerful, more effective, and more successful than other forms of communication.
  • Help to resolve major problems quickly
  • Generate longer-term relationships
  • Create new opportunities
  • Help focus on mutual goals
  • Show facial expressions
  • Reveal body language
  • Create a better communication
  • Are needed for innovative problem solving
  • Produce better strategic plans
  • Assist in coaching team members
  • Rewarding high achievers


Sources: Dozens of LIVE MEETINGS I have personally attended with my clients.