In the last few weeks we lost some well know people that created ‘buckets lists.’ Their lists were much larger and broader than just for themselves. Each of them touched me personally in some way. Each of them left a legacy that reminds us each of us can be the ‘best at what we do.’

I am a big fan of movies. I often find life’s lessons and adapt them for myself and to share with others. In the movie The Bucket List, a buddy flick, which starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman they eat caviar and drink fine wine, leap from planes, drive racecars, mount motorcycles to ride on the Great Wall of China, and visit many wonders of the world before they “kick the bucket.”

The movie’s premise resonates. Millions of people have a dream “do” list: all they would do if they could in life. These lists tend to feature all the highlights on the aspirational horizon — acts of fancy, courage and delight, full of punch and flavor, adrenalin and imagination. We lost four of my heros reently. Each of them was part of my bucket list ‘to be’ and ‘to do.’ From the first lady Prime Minister of the UK,s one of the most popular “Mouseketeers” on the original Mickey Mouse Club, a comic genius, painter, author, and observer or life,  each of them had a profound influene on me.

Roger Ebert taught me how to use movies to drive home my messages. And hear the wisdom of great visuals and sound bites to educate an audience. He will alway be the reason that I spent so much time ‘at the movies.’ I wrote an entire blog dedicated to Roger. I knew him personally and I will miss him greatly.


Margaret Thatcher reminded me that patience often wins. I never met her but followed her three consecutive terms as one of the major political figures of the 20th Century. When Meryl Streep played her in the Iron Lady I knew that the greatest living actress of our time would do justice to the greatest UK Prime Minister. They both taught me that when a woman puts her mind to something, nothing will stop her.

MARGARET-THATCHER” I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.                  

Margaret Thatcher






Annette Funicello was my first celebrity crush. Her great smile. Her determination to fight illness with the strength of inner peace. She was the reason I watched television. She reminded me that illness is not gender or age restrictive. Illness is something that we all face. Live each day like it is your last. Dance a little. Sing a little. And tell those you love that you love them….every day. Annette-Funicello


Jonathan Winters – an improvisational genius and the comedic spiritual godfather taught me how to improvise and see value in the simple things. He taught me how to think on my feet. So see ‘inside the box’ and find value. And to enjoy humor. He was funny but never dirty. He was relevant but never condecending. He was without a doubt the greatest comic influence of his generation. I was fortunate enough to meet him, as well as Robin Williams. To this day he still makes me laugh. And if you want to smile go to YouTube and watch what he does with a pen and pencil set. Jonathan Winters At His Best



Each of them demonstrated how we must reach beyond our safe harbors and stretch for what’s in our heart and mind, providing that it lines up our business and life’s plan.

Our goals need to be bigger.

Our options continue to expand if we stop saying we “Should” do something and simply do it.

Jonathan saw things, made connections, and opened my eyes to the wonderment of all around us. The simple observations made me realize that there is a solution to every problem. An answer to every question. And if nothing else, make someone laugh. It is a great gift. Share it daily.

I will miss each of them. They required me to act…to do…to be…to accomplish. It freed the confusion, the debris that can slow us down and keep us from focusing on our path and our environment.

Roger, Margaret, Annette, and Jonathan all reminded me that to create a bucket list. In different ways they each reminded me that to be a good person, role model, and positive influence we must

-Identify our authentic purpose

-Pursue goals that reflect strengths, passions, and our personal and business environment

-Simplify our lives in the face of complexity

Perhaps when you are done filing your taxes you can articulate the vision for your energy and time for the rest of the year.

May I suggest you start with a list of what you would like to spend less time doing. Then come up with opportunities to go faster in those areas.

Be creative and list at least three solutions for each of the tasks and the reasons you have not accomplished them as yet.

Now stretch. Take the points of dissatisfaction in your life and list the ways that speed could lessen that dissatisfaction

There is a big difference between a full life and a fulfilling life.

The Bucket List movie ultimately sends its two wanderers to the people, not the places, who matter. We lost Roger, Margaret, Annette, and Jonathan but they live on in their accomplishments and the similarity in how each of them lived their life.

“Find the joy in your life,” Freeman tells Nicholson before the credits roll.

And that’s how they all lived. Joyfully so they could share their wisdom with us all.

Shift Happens!

Create and fulfill your bucket list today. It can’t wait till tomorrow.