3D Thinking

Think Inside The BoxJim has developed a process to help your keynote participants to start the creative problem-solving process. You don’t have to be born an innovator or an entrepreneur to learn these simple steps and implement them in your business and personal life.  3D Thinking is about thinking ‘inside the box’ which is where the problem resides. If you are outside of the box you can’t assess the real issues, its components, or possible reconfigurations.

Companies today are challenged to manage the ongoing innovation process. But they face a long list of obstacles: piecing together critical information, storing it in disparate sources, and developing a consistent process of bringing best of breed ideas to market. Implementing a company-wide innovation platform can effectively capture the collective wisdom of employees, partners, and customers, and efficiently manage the identification and implementation of next-generation products and services.

Choosing the right tools and having the proper expertise to effectively innovate will be a defining factor in a company’s ability to survive in today’s increasingly complex, competitive business landscape. His signature story is about how, when he was in law school, he purchased a railroad boxcar of spaghetti sauce. What was he thinking?  Like a lot of business concepts, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Looking inside the railroad boxcar was the impetus for “Thinking Inside The Box.”

Turns out, the best companies are naturally good at creating new ideas and executing them brilliantly. All too often, we stop at the first part and pat ourselves on the back for being innovative, even though we aren’t exactly sure what to do with a great idea. We spend too much time thinking “outside the box,” when in fact, the problem is “inside the box.

Jim offers the tools, insights, and focuses for your organization to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their business with a customized approach. His focus is to educate organizations to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

These links are offered with our compliments. They will assist you and your organization to ‘think inside the box.