Complaint Department Grenade As we focus on the April 15th dealing to file taxes would like to suggest you also review all of your bills from the phone company, Internet provider, cable, mortgage, and credit cards, etc. During the last month I have discovered over $900 in billing errors in credit card fees and ‘hidden charge’ from AT&T, Comcast, Citibank, and American Express. When I complained, which is not easy, I got most of them reversed or credits issues. You work hard for your money and these large companies have dozens of hidden charges. Make them justify them. If you want to stay in the hive you must BE…

  1. Be passionate. The passion for your acceptable resolution should be evident. To become successful you better be committed. Tell them you will switch companies and complain on social media and other resources. It is time to be firm but polite. Start every call with a pad of paper that has three questions…What is your name? What is your ID number? What is your call back number in case we get disconnected? Give them no information about your account, other than the account number and your name until you get that information. Then keep the information in an electronic or paper file.
  2. Be determined. A consistent characteristic in every customer service issue is determination. Explain that you are willingness to go the extra mile to ask for a supervisor until you receive the satisfaction you seek.
  3. Know your outcome. Always be able to explain what you want as a result of the call. For an optimal results explain the problems you want to solve, how the are going to solve them, why your retention as a customer is the best option for solving them and the value you’re bringing to them. It costs them 93%* more to get a new customer than retain an existing one. (*Wall Street Journal)
  4. Think big. Don’t negotiate with yourself. Ask for a credit since the day they over charged you. Get concessions. Find out what they can offer. Sometimes they can upgrade your service at no charge, add more features, etc. Ask for more than you expect. You might be surprised at what you get.