Attitudes adjusted while you wait sign - customer serviceI have talked about the concept of D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer for years. The idea was used to explain customer service, but the same concepts could apply to innovative problem solving, product creation, and service execution.

First you DAZZLE them, then, ANTICIPATE their needs, TREAT them as you want to be treated, NURTURE the relationship and that GUARANTEES more business. Today I looked at the DATING concept and realized that it applies to service in much the same way. The next few blogs will focus on one of these concepts and apply it to other ways to create a better relationship with your customers.

I am often DAZZLED by the way some companies get the idea and DISAPPOINTED when others who should get it, don’t.

This week I went to a car wash. As the car came out to the drive way the driver turned on the windshield wipers. He quickly stopped them and got out of the car to examine them. He called me over to show me that the clips that held the wipers were not secure. Without any prompting from me he offered to have the wipers examined to see if the clips could be reattached.

He called over an associate who looked at the clips and informed me that they needed to be replaced because the service station that installed them used the wrong clips. The two service providers doggedly worked on removing the defective clips and replaced both of them. Since the hood of the car was open they offered to check the oil and other fluids. They found that the car was one quart low, the windshield fluid needed to be topped off, and the fuse box cover was loose.

I went in for a car wash and was DAZZLED by the level of service. I was DELIGHTED when the invoice was $3.50 for the oil and the replacement for the clips was gratis. The name of the company was White Glove Car Wash and they lived up to their name.

What did you do today to DAZZLE your customer?