Swimming In The iPool
Creative Commons License photo credit: JD Hancock

Steve Jobs would be angry. AT&T has partnered with Flipswap to accept your old iPhones as a trade in for the iPhone 4S.

The concept is great, the execution is flawed. Read the fine print. Flipswap and the AT&T representative said they would pay $275 for my ‘like new’ iPhone 4 32GB. Fair enough.

I was then given the contract to sign that said Flipswap could offer a lower price upon receipt of the phone and I had to accept it. They would not return the phone and the price was no negotiable. I understand they want to review the phone but what I did not understand was that they made a unilateral decision that I was forced to accept. Don’t do it. Read the agreement. You can do much better selling the phone on EBay or Craigslist.

They just turned a value added benefit (cash for phone) into a customer service issue (confused or angry customers).