Paid for by your hard workNow that the election is over we need to move on with rebuilding our economy and, in many cases, our lives. We must create an action plan with a whole new level of effectiveness for our families, our business, and ourselves. Vote for your own future. Vote for a change. Vote to make 2013 the best year you have ever had in the past. It’s time to vote for ourselves. 

As we recount our personal history there has been a tendency to collapse what happened in the past, with the story we tell in the present, about how that affected our future.

We must be aware that the story that we tell ourselves becomes the way it is and that often robs us of moving forward. It’s time to stop. Just like a reporter, get rid of what you can’t verify, what you don’t believe, and what you don’t need to predict your future .

May I suggest that your goal, today, is to maximize the value of your life and bring back your joy and effectiveness? You must open our eyes to what is real, what you can control, and what you must let go of in order to rebuild. Stop doing what did not work in the past. Stop doing what bothered you or caused you pain. Stop doing what doesn’t work to help you manage your success. Making the right choices and creating value is important to each of us.

The good news is that when you ‘stop doing’ you also open up the opportunities to ‘start doing’ something smart. Make the choices that will interrupt the cycle of the past and discover new ways of interacting that lead to new efficiency, gratification, and satisfaction. Once you stop you will have more time and energy to ‘start. This is no longer the country that was, but a country of what it could become. It’s time to reinvent yourself using innovative solutions.

In order to make Shift Happen we need to think and act beyond the past and move you into the future. Let’s focus on new opportunities that deliver revenue, profit, and satisfaction. The best innovations come from pain and discomfort and if that’s the case you will all be very wealthy in 2013. There are greater opportunities ahead.

It’s time to make your own Shift Happen.