Innovation Growth
Being different used to be a bad thing. Today there is an unceasing desire to know more. Perhaps you are seeking solutions instead of worrying about what you can’t do or can’t control. Most of us work in an environment where everything has to be out the door 20 minutes ago. Part of the problem is that we are required to work on the solution when we don’t take the time to define the problem.

We all need brand new ways of problem solving. Today, unless you dare to think differently you competition will. Managers must come up with new ways to manage daily tasks and routines. So what am I telling you that you don’t already know? Find a better way by discovering innovation that makes you more efficient in doing what you have always done, by improving your innovative approach by being different. How about something simple like writing a thank-you notes. People don’t take the time to write anymore. Simply taking the time to thank somebody who waited on you, some one in your industry or even a fellow employee means you are different. Simple? Not really! We all know what to do.

Books, tapes, TV shows, seminars all tell us how to lose weight so why are we the heaviest country in the world? The answer is simple…we are all the same. Don’t’ follow the crowd. The crowd is gaining more weight each year. Today little time is spending planning a meal when you can grab a ‘supersized’ burger on the way home from work. How do you fight back…Dare To Be Different?

Less than a decade ago if you said you were going to check your Blackberry the quizzical looks would have been prevalent. Then Blackberry became the business standard. Now it more likely that IPHONE and ANDROID are the first choice. The rate of progress is doubling every decade. Soon computers will outperform the brain in almost every category of logic, problem solving, and conclusions. You must take the initiative. When you Dare To Be Different you might fail. Failure is the second cousin to Success. Learn from failures. No one that has succeeded traveled down the path without some detours, some failures, some mistakes, but they learned from them. Ask questions.

Call your customers and ask them what they need. Ask you suppliers what they see their products being used for and ask how they would use them to make new products or create new services. Create mavericks…people that ask “What If?”
Find a better way to do something. Cater to client demands because they will tell you what they need that is not being fulfilled by your competition. All you have to do is ask and then simply do it.

Remember to create something that will have an impact on people’s lives-whether personal or corporate.