Time is money. However, most people don’t have much time. We are working harder, earning less and more concerned about our future than ever before. Part of our problem is we are pushed to find solutions before we really understand the problem. We are so busy ‘fighting the war’ that we can’t take the time to listen to the sales pitch that might actually offer a better solution.

To meet these challenges and the opportunities we must create and embrace creative problem solving and innovation like never before.

The image of a creative type is a myth. Everyone has the ability to see things as they could be, not as they are. It’s called imagination. It’s not something that we inherit. It’s a skill that can be learned. It is something that we can all improve. Creativity in any form often requires insight, which we can apply to a problem by asking a few questions. We need to improve the way we question and investigate before we start to work on a solution.

Often creativity seems to be magical or inspirational.

‘What if?’ is my favorite question? It opens up the world of possibilities. Now matter how big the problem, the what if question takes away imposed barriers. It allows us to see how the puzzle fits together. I often tell my audiences to ‘think inside the box.’

What this really means is to go into the problem and take it apart. Look at the components and rearrange them. I try to create an image, or deconstruct the problem. Much like sandwich making, there is no right way. As long as the contents of the sandwich fit between the two pieces of bread anything can go in between.

  1. Force yourself to analyze the problem
  2. Liberate your mind
  3. Free yourself of self-limiting thoughts
  4. Don’t skimp on research