Innovation is disruptive.

It’s about change and many people don’t like change.

Innovation is the quickest, most effective, and most lucrative path to inovation is disruptive. It’s about change and many people don’t like change. For the majority of businesses, real success comes from their own efforts and from timing—their ability to change first, instead of feeding off the ideas of others. So, how does a firm or an individual innovate and think creatively? How do you change?

First, understand that creativity isn’t always about inventing products from scratch. Thousands of successful products or services are used in a radically different manner than originally intended. The creativity is in the new method of application, rather than in the unique nature of the original concept.Innovation is also how you make money from creativity. You sell the idea and show others how to apply it to solve a variety of problems.

Think beyond the profits; think “What if?”

Solutions might be possible, but are they profitable? Often, you don’t always know until after the fact. Sometimes profitable solutions aren’t developed with the intent of making a profit. One common way is when the upper echelons of the corporation stifle creativity throughout the organization.

Creativity goes hand-in-hand with the courage to embrace the new and the innovative.

Disasters can sometimes become rare opportunities, and unintended results could well have a silver lining. Think everywhere. You can organize your mind to be constantly receptive to new ideas, wherever you are.The only problem with thinking everywhere is you often don’t have a way to record your ideas when they come to you. Then, you forget, someone one else hits on the same idea, and it’s too late. The solution is to keep a pen and paper handy in every room of your home, especially by your bed and near the shower. Or use your cell phone or tablet. They all have voice recorders available…often at no charge. This way, you can archive your thoughts before you forget them.

Encourage your employees to ask questions, such as “Why do we do it this way?” If management doesn’t have a good answer, consider this an invitation for fresh ideas. Nurture the new ideas and welcome the questions as a way to open the channels of communication and to keep the stream of possible solutions flowing

 Create, Then Innovate!

Although many people can come up with innovative concepts, only those who are determined to implement those ideas achieve success. Once you nurture your ideas into being, charge ahead with the innovative spirit that all successful companies possess. Remember, innovation combines effort and timing, our desire to be first.