The Truth? Can you handle the truth? You are going to die.

It shouldn’t come a shock, but some will be shocked that I even said it out loud.

What are you doing to prepare for your funeral? While none of us want to face the truth we should create our own ‘final party.’ Doing so will make sure your wishes are granted and you will take the strain off of your loved ones during an emotional time.

During my research for speeches to the funeral industry, I have discovered that most families really don’t have any idea how to plan for a funeral. Do you really want to leave that up to your grieving family members? Even some people in the death care industry haven’t made their own final arrangements. It’s time to change the way you think about death. Talk to a professional in the death care industry, they will help guide you in the right direction. And, most important, leave a written plan for your family members. Don’t make them guess at what you would want.

For me, I have a written ‘party plan’ that includes the disposition of my cremated remains as being scattered over a vineyard in Napa Valley. Plus I even recorded my own eulogy. As a professional speaker, who better to talk about me than me, right? And that made you smile didn’t it? In fact, the creation of my own eulogy made me smile as well. Or did it gross you out? Either way, for me it’s a shrug, and yes, perhaps a laugh. In my zeal for taking control of my death plans I have found the truth…and I can handle it. I am going to die sometime and that’s part of life. Make the best of it.